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Chernarus Rising [Inner Circle Radio Broadcast]


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*There is a brief enterlude,  the Russian national anthem playing quietly, seemingly played from a recording down the microphone. After allowing the anthem to continue for a moment longer, there's a short burst of static, followed by silence, then the sound of a zippo lighter being flipped open and ignited. A strong Russian accent would be heard, familiar to those who had spoken/met with Yuri.* 

"Zdravstvuyte, good day, to the citizens and foreign denizens of Chernarus. My name is Leytenánt Yuri Chernenko. Some of you may recognize my name from my time deployed here last year, with my previous unit. I'm making this broadcast to you all as a show of faith, I intend to lead my comrades, and all of you, toward a much brighter future and the first step toward that is transparency."

*There's a brief pause, followed by the sound of Yuri taking a drag on his cigarette, then the sound of his slow exhale of smoke.*

"In the next coming weeks, hopefully sooner rather than later, my brother will be making his way to Chernarus. We, the Внутренний круг, will be taking him and whomever he arrives with into our protection. We do this because my brother is an immunologist, a scientist that specializes in the immune system, and works in vaccine development. Some of you may remember a vaccine previously had short circulation in the region and my brother was, in part, responsible for this. He now believes he, and his team, are close to the next step forward. As such, it is our ambition to provide him with what he needs to complete his work and, hopefully, put an end to the spread of this abhorrent infection.

*There's another pause, in the form of Yuri sighing, before he continues.*

"To that end, we are asking anyone with scientific qualifications or medical expertise to step forward and make themselves known to us. Furthermore, if anyone has any specialist medical or scientific equipment, I ask that you let us know the whereabouts of said equipment. I understand any reservations you might have, I'm sure plenty of you have reasons to distrust us, however I can personally guarantee the safety of anyone that wishes to co-operate with us. We aren't asking for your precious AK's and FAL's this time. Only that, should you wish to take the first step toward fixing Chernarus, you'll consider working with us on this. We will finish this project with or without your help, but we realise that this should be a collective effort."

"To the leadership of all 'groups' across Chernarus; SPERO, the people of the Duchy, the Transporters, The Highway people, any surviving medics, and yes, even you Pub dwellers. I will leave my personal frequency to play at the end of this message, contact me and we can talk further, should you want any more information. If you want to protect your own, if you want to give your people hope, I'm offering it to you on a plate here."

"To the leaders of those who shelter themselves in Chernogorsk Square, we'll never see eye to eye, there's enough bad blood between our people to fill the Green Sea. I sent an envoy to speak to you, you hurled insults at him, and it ended in another blood bath. Now, we can continue to waste human lives until both of us tire of the bloodshed, and I assure you our men are more than happy to fight for as long as it takes. Or, unless I'm mistaken, I had heard you were intending to be a little more diplomatic than your predecessors. I don't expect you to work along side us, nor would I let you, but we can stay out of each other's way until this is all said and done. Our project is one that brings us one step closer to restoring order, for all people, do not stand in the way of that."

"As a demonstration of my commitment to this endeavor, should the citizens of Chernarus see it fit, I will hand myself over and submit to a trial for any crimes I may have committed. Once our project has concluded of course. I understand there are plenty of people that would like to see my head roll for what I, and those I previously associated with, have done in this country. If that is the case, then so be it, this is the sacrifice I'm willing to make."

"People of Chernarus, the ball is in your court."

*The audio would conclude, being replaced by a robotic voice, repeating a series of numbers on repeat.*

((PM me with any questions, IC or OOC))

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Alexei would hear then message then pick up his radio and push the PTT

Of course the ball is in our court debil. I dont know if you have noticed but the groups were unified and no one needs you here. Fuck... You dont even have a country anymore. I might have thought about offering scientific services on behalf of SPERO but that was before you started taking innocent people.. People such as one of my good friends and my son, hostage. There really is nothing I want to say to you or your people, myself and the people of SPERO will never work with Chedaki scum.

Dobrey den.

He'd release the PTT

He'd quickly come back on the PTT
Here! I almost forgot.. You can listen to this on my way out.

He'd leave the PTT on to play the Anthem then release it once it was over.





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10 minutes ago, Panda said:


*The radio would come alive once more, the sound of the idle cigarette smoking audible before Yuri's voice.*

"It is how you say comrade, we have no home, and sooner no longer will you. If you won't stand with us, I'm giving you the chance to stand aside. This country has already been ravaged by war and the problem of the infection continues to grow exponentially. You think you're able to fight indefinitely? Are you so sure that Chernarus won't fall into the same shortcomings my own country did? If so then so be it, Chernarus is the only place available to us now, the only place we can continue this work. If we have to fight for our place here, then we will."

"This lie that I'm somehow a front for the Chedaki, continue to tell yourself that, I never was apart of the Chedaki and never will be. If you wish to condemn those I call my comrades for their previous allegiances, then I'd ask you to do the same to your own. This country is full of bastards, that's just the way things are now. So, continue to use it to justify your objection to what we're doing with a lie, and whilst we're at it, continue your hypocrisy. I doubt there's a single person in Chernarus that hasn't stood by or witnessed innocent people being taken. Day in and day out. Both sides are guilty of crimes, only I don't choose to condemn you for yours. Eventually the infection will come for you and yours, you can't fight it, its inevitable at this point. Yet in spite of all the transgressions I've seen committed against me and my own, I'm still here offering you a solution."

"As I said previously, this project will be finished with or without your help, the only variables here are time and blood."

*The radio falls silent once more, Yuri tossing it away to continue reading over a collection of papers he'd acquired.*

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*Sava starts replying to the broadcast*

"Lieutenant Yuri Chernenko, a pleasure - I am Lieutenant Sava Morhun. Happy to finally hear from you.

I'll make a quick statement before I get into the meat of my reply:
As far as my reports indicate, we were approached by your men giving us an ultimatum to either fuck off from Chernogorsk or blood would be spilled, to which blood was quickly spilled by your men drawing their arms upon my comrades. We're more than willing to speak to you, but alas it seems that we're having troubles doing so in person.

I'll make one thing very clear for you, we do not seek the fighting either, what we seek is merely peace for the inhabitants of Chernarus. As we've stated to many other major communities so far, we do not seek to be the new government once this crisis is over. We do not seek to be the new government during the crisis. Nor do we seek the destruction of our own species by killing eachother due to old world ideals and politics, the only thing we seek is to let the people decide via a trial as to what happens with former Chedaki and RAC due to their.. Mistreatment of the populace during the civil war and after.

What we wish to do, is to merely run a safezone in Chernogorsk till the end of the crisis, so any whom may not be able to protect themselves, may come into our arms, to be protected. Not all men and women were made for this world, and during this crisis we must enable the weak to have a chance to live.

I appreciate you for holding out an olive branch, and in return I will tell you what will be needed for peace between us.

One. Chernogorsk will be free of any and all fighting, as it is a safe-haven for those who may not be able to protect themselves.
Two. You will not interfeer with our work in Chernogorsk, as we do not care to interfeer with your work either.
Three. Offenses such as kidnapping, torture, and what not, will be investigated not only by us, but by yourself internally, and if proof found the ceasefire will end.
Four. You will not stop anyone who may seek shelter with us, via the threat of violence, or more.

And as a bonus, should you be willing - We open a line of direct communications between us, selecting one man from each group to stay in contact should anything be needed to be discussed.
Additionally we'd also like a sample of this vaccine, so we may do an independent check on it to ensure it is safe for usage. We do not need the recipe, just the sample.

As you may notice, even our terms are not for our own well being, if you're truthful in what you wish to claim via your broadcast, these terms should be no issue to you.

Adhere to these terms and we'll gladly have a truce with you.

Slava Chernarus."

*Shuts his transmission.*

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Lieutenant Sava it’s good to hear one of you talk without insulting us every sentence. A lot of your men could learn from that.

I do want to make some things clear before I continue. I came to your gates to talk and not to fight. I was immediately insulted, characterizing me as a Chedaki dog or Chedaki pig. It was your men who jumped over the gates and sprinted toward my men with their weapons drawn. Your men caused the tensions, not mine. Mine just simply defended themselves.

You will not have trials for my men or any of my comrades who fought bravely in the Chedaki during the civil war. I cannot and will not allow that. They are war heroes and do not deserve to be put on trial by people who terrorized a government. A wise man once said 'war is cruelty. There is no use trying to reform it. The crueler it is, the sooner it will be over.' Thats what the Chedaki did, ending the war as fast as possible. Did we do horrible things? Da. Did the CDF did horrible things? Da, we all did things we thought we had to do to win.

Now, your terms.

*He sighs*

“I can come to peace with not fighting in Chernogorsk and not interfering with your business as long as it’s not anything that could be a threat to us.

You will have absolutely no saying in what we can or can’t do. We continue to evaluate every situation on its merits, and do as we see fit and you will not interfere with that. We will not torture or hurt your people if they don't fight or treaten us.

You have a lot of bad people within your gates, murders, rapists and more. We will take those who deserve it, no matter if they seek shelter in your little compound.

Yuri can keep in contact with your people to make sure you don’t betray us, because if there is one thing I hate, its liars.

You will not get a vaccine until you deserve one. You will need to prove yourself to us, the Внутренний круг.

Your terms are to show people you are in charge, I can’t accept that, simply because you are not in charge, neither of us are right now. Don’t pretend to do things for the people, we all know most of you people have done horrible things and are only looking for power, trying to hide behind false promises and propaganda.

I can abide by not fighting in Chernogorsk, people can come and go from your compound as they please. Nor will we interfere with your business, as long as you don’t interfere with ours.

I hope you can understand, and if not..

Then both sides will bleed until the war is over.”

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*Transmits again*

"We've all done horrible things in the past, yet our terms does not gain us anything except extra work, our terms were designed to aid the people of Chernarus, but if you wish to make it a principle matter of "Who's in charge." I am afraid that's not a contest I care to participate in.

As for what people we have within our gates, that is why we're offering to keep an open line of communication, so should a fugitive of any of the charges that you mentioned come within our walls we'll happily throw them out to you granted there is any proof.

However, on the torturing part there is no exception to this term, my major would never allow such. If you cannot guarantee to never torture anyone, then I'm afraid we're at a impasse.

I implore you not to make this into a matter of principle. Causing suffering for the people of Chernarus simply due to principle is a sin bigger than most of what both of our sides have done in the past. "

*Cuts his transmission.*

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A very drunk Josef Liska gets on the radio and yells out 

"Sláva republice! Černarus ještě nepadl!"

After a moment, he calms down and passes out

//Glory to the republic. Chernarus has not yet fallen.


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Eliska presses the PTT on her radio after having listened in to the conversation for a bit and Josefs … drunken outburst. She sighs.

“By the Gods, Josef you sound worse every time I hear you on the radio… I really don’t think yelling like that was necessary” She adds in a whisper “My poor ears …” 

Her voice then returns to a normal tone.

“I think this whole situation is … rather interesting. If someone really wants to do something good I don’t see an issue with it. However this just proves once more that there is good and bad to everything. Actually … more like everyone. This whole situation invokes a … sense of familiarity. When was that … mh … Oh yes … I recall.” 

She takes a drag from her cigarette.

“Well then, everyone wants change for the better, thats what they always want - I will just watch this wheel keep turning then. Good luck to all who want to break the cycle. Many have tried, many have failed, and I will just enjoy my role as a watcher … for now.”

The transmission fades out.

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