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so i was banned like 6 months ago because i didnt reply to a case, as far as i remember of the case there was 2 guys at a airport. one guy had a gun and aimed at my friend and i. he was really agressive and aimed at us. we then aimed our guns at him and he opened fire and killed my mate. i then layed him down, and since he was with another guy (they where standing right next to eachother when he was aggresive) that didnt care about his aggression and kinda played along with it, i took him for a threat as well. and in the heat of the moment i then layed him down as well. since i asumed they where a team. this is what i remember and it is like 6 months ago. i hope we can figure something out.

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Please follow the correct appeals template! You can find this underneath :


Thank you 😄


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@Nacho Niller Your two appeals have been merged into one due to they are about the same exact situation.

Follow the template found in this thread to have your appeal looked at. If this isn't done within 24 hours your appeal will be closed.



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im trying not to feel like a complete moron here mate. i really cant figure out what to do.. its my first and hopefully last time being banned.. i have no idea what to write in the name of the appeal. its been 6 months and i explained the situation. is it in no way possible tojust  remove the ban? or can u help me with what i should write in the name of the appeal. i understand why i got banned, it makes good sence since i didnt reply to the case and so on. but i really just want to come back on your server...

in advance thank you

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@Nacho Niller Okay, well we cannot remove the ban without processing your appeal and we cannot process your appeal without you using the correct template.

Please join the Helpdesk in the DayZRP Discord and a staff member will walk you through how to template your appeal correctly so that we may process it.

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Greetings @Nacho Niller,

It has been over 48-hours since creating your appeal to be unbanned. Two staff members have both requested you to change your appeal to follow the template and the appeal posting rules. You have not made the necessary changes and this appeal with now be closed, due to not following the rules and template provided for you.

If you need help posting your appeal feel free to join the 'Waiting for staff help' channel in the DayZRP discord, where we can assist you.


Signed @Realize@Lettuce

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