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The New Journal of LT. James Pierce


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Day 318,

I recently gave my old journal to Leon Radek. My... technically boss and student. I know, sounds stupid right? But it’s true.

Anyways, I’m getting worse... symptoms are showing up again and I can’t seem to focus too well. I fear I am not long for this world, nor does this world desire me in it. It’s like an old compatriot of mine said, “We are both dying images of an old world long forgotten, left to stand watch against the evil of this new world.” 


I took a few days off of medic work and traveled into the woods with the car and just drove. When the gas ran out I pushed it until I could fill the tank. When the battery died, I ran to the bar and charged it. The... revelation about the status of the world from people I truly trust sent me into a spiral. My world view was, destroyed... I forgot who I was. My only thoughts were, “Who am I?” and “What now?”. 

I found my purpose today. My purpose is that of which my compatriot spoke of... I will stand guard against the shitstorm that is this new world. The infected can come, they mean nothing to me. The invading forces can knock on our door, I’ll open the door wide and take them on. The wrath of hell can descend upon us, I’m sure we’ll stand tall until the end. It reminds me of something I said to soldiers who couldn’t handle war.


”We do what we do, so nobody else has to...” 


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Day 319,


The World changed so fast... from the outbreak to now. I've witnessed families torn apart and people murdered in cold blood over a couple scraps of paper, its just insane to try and remember my past. I used to cook BBQ and ribs out in the back with pops and try to get sweet with Jessica Lancaster, but it all seems like a distant memory... one that isnt even my own. They said that PTSD is a serious thing. I guess they're right, maybe I'm just crazy thinking this journal would be found by someone one day and read. Maybe one day someone could call this shitty book a "Historical account" of the fabled Frenzied flu epidemic. All I've got to say is, if you're reading this in a future when there is no virus... hope you're happy buckos.


Anywho... I went back to their graves today, my squad mates... I keep their dog tags as a symbol of my despair. I couldn't save them so why do their dog tags make me feel the need to push forward? Whatever, I fixed the crosses I made for them and re-wrote the names. 

  • Sergeant First Class, Henry Killian, 04-21-1979
  • Sergeant Major, Jessica Anderson, 09-04-1975
  • Corporal, Isabella Kepler, 05-03-1993
  • Second Lieutenant, Daniel Lancaster, MIA


These guys saved my life on more covert missions then I care to admit. So I went up to their graves and poured them each a shot of vodka. I truly want to thank them for saving me this last time.

Those bastards, even when they begged for mercy they didn't stop... fucking cannibal bastards! I swear to god if I find any of those bastards I'll slaughter them all. I don't care if they've redeemed themselves! They deserve death, of the most painful caliber. I'll make sure of it.


In the end, I'll find you Dan, and when I do... I'll drink that vodka you promised!

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  • Diamond

Day 319,


Can barely hold my focus to write this... 


Walking around all I see is, weird shit. Like Sarah or Isaac... maybe even Kevin. I dunno anymore. I'm obviously losing it.

Ended up beating into a random drifter the other day for no reason... I can't understand why but when I saw him I just... lost it.

I think my time is coming soon. Yeah, That's it. Well, I hope to at least serve SOME purpose before I go... even if I fly off the rails I'm sure the guys'll forgive me.

Gonna follow some leads on Charlie 2-4 and see about getting into contact with him.

*Paper is covered in blood flecks under this part*

Damn, getting harder to hold these coughs in. Don't know how much longer I can keep this under wraps. Should talk to Khav, he's goin through the same thing. Honestly I'm lucky... at least I'm not getting hunted by people for my intel or whatever. Glad that guy turned down my offer for those RAC files... I mean all they were was Troop info and Quarantine info. Now those NAC files I'm holding on to... sheesh... if anyone got those I'm sure they'd hunt down the guys. Can't have that.


Guess its too much to ask for hostilities to cease while I'm on my deathbed no? Truly the human condition is strange, we like to hurt each other for nothing other than personal gain... even I am guilty of that. I remember High School when I socked Tyson Andrews so I could score a date with Sarah, funny... remembering the past.

Luckily I hid those cassette tapes and files of mine around Chernarus and with Phoenix. Maybe Leon and his future apprentice could find them and piece together my story. Probably not, given the world's condition, someone else'll find em and probably use them to learn about my operation here. Whatever, its not like it matters anymore.


- LT. James I. Pierce


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