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Transporter Car Sale No.2 and Tournamant Advertisement


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  • Diamond

*Your radio comes to life*

What is good bruddas and sistas. It's a me again Mista George Adebowale.

I am once again telling you about de car sales ahhhh. Goood prices. Transporters are having a car sale again this Friday and Saturday. Come and get yourself a vehicle.

ADA's and OLGA's are selling for 2 thousand roubles, Guntaz 3 thousand roubles, UAZ 4 thousand roubles and de BMW is 7.5 thousand roubles. After the sale ends on Saturday night, for those that stick around there will be a stunt show for entertainment.

We the transporters also want to provide entertainment in these dark times, and we are going to hold two tournemants a boxing tournemant and a race around South Zagoria. The winner of these tournaments will receive a prize... de BMW.

The first tournement will be the boxing tournament which will take place on Saturday the 24th of this month. Entrance fee is 500 roubles, dis gives you all enough time to collect some moneys and enter de tournament. Simply come up to the Transporter compound before the 24th and pay 500 roubles and give your name and we will register you into de tournament.

De tournament will be a knockout style competition, de more entrants de more fights. Unlimited entrants but you can only enter de fight once and de winner will walk away with a BMW.

Cut off point is sundown on de 23rd. I hope to see many great fightas turn up to de tournament.

Unitil den, have a gooood day bruddas and sistas.

* Gucci flip flops by bhad bharbie starts playing before the radio cuts off*


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  • Emerald

A man's voice would come over the radio

"I'm already the champion of Chernogorsk, might as well become the champion of Novaya Petrovka while I'm at it. Guess I'll come pick up my new ride on the 24th."

The transmission ends

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  • Titanium

*The French-Canadian voice comes on the radio*

"Hello who ever this is that did the broadcast a few days ago. You said that the sale was today right? And that an Ada was 2k? I just came from your place and someone tried to sell me an Ada for 3.5k... I believe someone might have been misinformed about the sell price... Is it possible to deal directly with the person who announced the sale please? I'm a serious buyer but I'm not gonna let myself get scammed."
*The radio goes to static*

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  • Emerald

*An old mans voice comes on the radio*

"Use my affiliate marketing code Woody with every vehicle purchase and get a free bottle of Vodka at the bar while supplies last"


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