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Ruined the base

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Server and location:  Server 1 - Stary Sobor 

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 10/04/2021 -11/04/2021

Your in game name:  Klaus Wagner 

Names of allies involved:   N/A

Name of suspect/s:   N/A

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any):  no

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot):  provided below 

Detailed description of the events: 


I did not enter the game for one day, during which time my base was completely destroyed and looted. They stole a tent and a wardrobe with all the things that were there.
Before entering the base there was a note that I live here and this is my farm. Moreover, the base was closed from the inside, which indicated that my character was sleeping inside. The gate was completely destroyed. And the note was also taken away.
Any interest disappears at least to build and do something, when at any moment someone can come to the base while you are "asleep" and take everything, like on a public server. There is even absolutely no RP in this. Just insolently destroy and steal everything the player has been working on all week.


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Hello @Alex Bonel,

There is no rule against offline raiding. It has never been considered BadRP to offline raid. When you build a base in the server, you are conceding your right to be raided at any time by anyone. As we do not have any rules against what you are reporting, this report is, frankly, unnecessary. 

Based on the above, the staff team has decided that this report will be closed.


Signed by @Duplessis, @Realize and @Bryan

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