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Ramming Cars


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So as we all know by now, cars are very durable and the passengers very safe. As a result I'm hearing rumors of players ramming other vehicles with there own without fear of consequence, leaving me to wonder a couple things in regards to current staff team perspective. 

1st... Is this even allowed? Should it be?

2nd... if not, what rule break would it constitute? BadRP? NVFL? Attempted invalid kill? 

Honestly a bit annoyed to see and hear people are taking advantage of this in this way. Can't have nice things I guess. 

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1) Context depending, but if people are knowingly abusing the fact vehicles don't kill them in crashes, staff may just have to step in and apply an NVFL ban for intentional cases of people doing moronic things.

2) Could be AOGM, NVFL, AIK if there was an unwilling passenger dragged into it, or another vehicle being rammed by a hostile vehicle. Mostly depends on the specific instance of vehicular abuse.


Yes. This is why we can't have nice things. Cars were made this way cause they are buggy as sin, not so people could abuse it for memes or dumb reasons.

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