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LOST: Beloved Pet, Melvin the Pig


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*Clicking the PTT, a young Chernarussian man's voice would come over the radio, his tone filled with panic and concern, he smooths out a crumpled piece of paper and clears his throat* 

"Ahoj, this is Leon Radek, I am speaking from the Bowery, in Chernogorsk. One of our beloved pets, Melvin the Pig, has tragically gone missing. Early this morning, when I went to feed him, his pen was empty."

*He would proceed to read out the information from a LOST flyer with a poorly drawn pig on it*

"Description: He is very handsome, big-boned, and wiggly. He responds when you call his name but is frightened by loud noises and rude remarks. If you see him, approach slowly and rub his belly if possible. Contact me on this frequency if you find him. His return to the Bowery in Chernogorsk will be handsomely rewarded. Dekuji, and stay safe out there."

*In the background, old man Skeeter can be heard calling out with a concerned voice 'Melvin! Where are ya?' Leon clicks the PTT to end the transmission*

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