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A random scrap of paper [Journal]

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Entry 1 - 10/04/2021

Well, I thought maybe writing my thoughts down like this would keep me from losing it, so here we are.
Been what, nearly a week now since I've even seen another soul that isn't infected? Still waiting for that message back from the man named Tex, I'm keeping my radio on at all times, just in case he actually sends out the message. 
Oh right, I also finally managed to get a place to call home... for now at least. Hey, a random camper van in the middle of fuck all nowhere can be a home.. right? Only a matter of time before people find it and take everything, hopefully the lock actually holds up this time.
Really don't know what I'm trying to achieve writing this, maybe some sense of sanity?
Anyways, this pens running out of ink so I'll have to end todays entry here.

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Entry 2 - 14/04/2021

How longs it been then... 4 days? Not too bad.
Well, not much has really changed, but I finally decided to move out of that old rusting caravan, left some supplies in it and even a jerry can of fuel so maybe that'll come in handy for someone down the line.
Oh, another thing! Saw another uninfected soul for the first time in ages! Didn't really get much of a chance to speak since they were driving past, but they yelled a greeting out the window as they went past, so I'm counting that as an interaction.
Right now though, i'm thinking of heading north and finding someplace nice to board up and secure a bit, although that fighting competition tommorow sounds pretty interesting, so i'll probably go to that before making any permanent housing decisions.
Either way, I have a pretty big trek to make to cherno, so thats all for now.

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Entry 3 - 17/04/2021

Well, here's a change. I'm writing this at a desk. MY desk. In MY own house. Quite honestly this must be a dream come true. I came into contact with a group named the Duchy of Burnaya. They promised shelter and safety, and whilst I didn't really believe them at first, here I am, hopefully soon to be an official citizen. I had more interaction with others today than I have in weeks! I may have been somewhat awkward with some first introductions, but I've been living in the forest for the past few months so sue me.
Lukas is the man who properly took me in, or at least that's his name as far as i can remember. I think he mentioned getting some security set up for my house soon, which would be nice, wouldn't mind a locked house, but for the moment I'll take what I can get.
Anyways, I have a nice cozy bed to go sleep on for the first time in who knows how long, so I'm going to go do that now.


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Entry 4 - 22/04/2021

*the handwriting would be very shaky*

I- I can't...
This.. this cant be it, right? After everything... I can't.. I knew I shouldn't have drank that water. I knew it. I thought I maybe wouldn't get sick and I'd get to my destination unharmed, but how wrong was I, huh...
I... I don't think I have long left. Maybe a few minutes at best. Hell, even the place it's all ending is ironic. Right on top of the school where I thought the hospital was located. Guess they moved shop, because it's all empty now. Where they are... doesnt matter now. Nothing matters now. I barely even have the strength to write this anymore. All because.. of one fucking mistake. One drink from a bad lake and that was it huh...
Quite honestly, I wish I never left my little house that the duchy gave me. It was safe. Ah.. damn. I wish I was able to actually join them. 
I... I don't want this to take longer than it has to... If I let it happen, then I could be suffering for ages.
I guess this MP5 will come in handy after all.. I'll make one last radio broadcast.. and then... god damn it I cant bring myself to say it.
I.. I wanted to be somebody. I wanted to be someone who could help others. I wanted to live to be remembered in death, but quite honestly I wont be. And that's the scariest part.
I don't have long left. This is it. This is what everything has been leading towards. Nothing...

*the handwriting would trail off*

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