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S1 : Unmanned Roadblock and Attempted KOS

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Server and location: S1 - Vybor (Next to Police Station.)

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 6:20

Your in game name: Manuel Del Toro

Names of allies involved: N/A.

Name of suspect/s: Logs Will Show.

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): Black BMW

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): 







Detailed description of the events: Greetings my fellow gamers,

Just a bit ago I was driving in Vybor on my way to pick up my friend. My speeds were around 120 km/h in the Black BMW seen here. I saw the caravan at the last minute as it loads in quite late and you do have to be close to it for it to be visible. I almost drove right in but managed to stop before it. I can only see this placement of a caravan as a roadblock to kill oncoming drivers. Additionally, in the second screenshot you can see that there is a Metal Gate, which when closed allowed all space to be blocked and no cars to be able to pass through. Seeming that this is a main road I was not expecting to run into it at all. At the time, this roadblock was also unmanned.

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Building Logs:


21:58:30 | Player "Tito Collano" (pos=<3692.1, 8922.1, 311.0>) placed Green Metal Caravan kit
21:59:30 | Player "Tito Collano" (pos=<3687.7, 8933.7, 311.2>) placed Metal Gate 2 Kit

Calling in the following people to post their Point of Views & any video evidence they may have:
@Matt Chillas | Manuel Del Toro | OP

@Azuninob | Tito Collano |

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As @Azuninob has both been on the forums and in-game since being called into this report, he will now be temporarily banned until he provides his POV.

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Hello everyone, sorry for the late reply, got in quite late yesterday night.

Me and a Friend *Gustavo Lapassera for IC reasons decided to create a temporary roadblock to control access to the town by the near police station, The block was very visible and free of any mimetization, the intention was to stop not to kill as suggested.

As far as we knew there is no rule that forbids creating roadblocks.

I'm glad @Matt Chillas did not hit the block and hurt himself or his BMW, and we apologize if it caused any trouble, but I think it represents a danger only if you drive through a town at 120km per hour, same danger as hitting someone on the street, if you cannot see a caravan, you can hardly see a person.

If this is something we need to avoid we'll take it in consideration and do not do it again. Maybe our mistake was to leave the station unmanned, if necessary and if it's still there we can dismantle it.

Cheers, and be safe everyone!

Adriano | Tito

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36 minutes ago, Azuninob said:

- Snip -

Thank you for posting your pov of the situation, please keep a close eye on this report as we may have more questions. Your ban will now be removed.

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@Azuninob Constructs a Caravan+gate on the west main road coming into Vybor to act as a roadblock entering the town. @Matt Chillas Later come across the roadblock a couple of days later in his BMW presumably hitting speeds of 120 km/h, where he claims he almost hit the roadblock.


Attempted invalid kill (On-Sight)

  • @Matt Chillas The road block that had been placed was very visible to you. The staff team feel you should've had ample time to stop. Driving around at 120 km/h just not justify your reasoning of an Attempted invalid kill from@Azuninob, also the road that was blocked by @Azuninob did not completely block any pass through the town of Vybor, as there is a road to the left of the roadblock that would have led you out the same place.





  • @Matt Chillas I would consider slowing down a little driving 120 km/h through a town is not particularly very cleaver not just because of things like this, people could come out of any build and with you driving at these speed, you could end up accidentally killing someone. Dayz also plays its part in driving fast through towns, as we all know dayz and cars are not the greatest, so knowing this I would take extra precautions when driving through towns.
  • @Azuninob In order for people to get the most Role-play out of what you are trying to do with your roadblocks may I suggest, if you are not around or an ally is not around dismantling and storing your roadblock until you are present.

@Azuninob - 
Attempted invalid kill (On-Sight) - No punishment

Signed @Realize@Hofer

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