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Killing infected with style

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So i was woundering if it would be possible to ether add a clothing vendor or adding clothes to the civ trader, partly becaus of rp reasons if you are wearing the same outfit its easyer recognize ppl and ofc the most important reason if you arent killing the infected with style whats the point of killing them at all realy 😃

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Hello @Xoth,

In order to stick to the suggestion posting guidelines, which can be found here you need to add a pole, so the community can vote on your suggestion.

NOTE BY PaulB: Moved to discussion as it is more about asking of possibility, not a suggestion. 

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We have a wonderful item shop to buy clothes with 🙂


Nah jokes aside adding all the clothes or even a sizeable amount would take hours of work and be annoying as fuck to scroll through, your best bet is to just find them. Or, we have free basic clothing items on the item store so you don’t have to spend anything to keep a consistent look. I personally recommend the KIS tee shirt and black pants, but don’t steal my style 

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