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NBC Suits & Toxic Gas

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There are a lot of questions and rumors going around the community about the NBC suits against the new Toxic Zone Mod. 

The main concern right now is what specific suits work against the Toxic gas. The Toxic zone mod does come with it's own version of NBC suits, the ones that are currently being sold at the Trader. My friends and I are concerned that certain suits won't work like ones spawned from the Item shop or ones that are found in the world and are from the standalone game. If we could get some assurance on what suits work against the gas and which don't that would be wonderful. As well as the suits, the gas masks are of question as well. The gas masks that come with the mod are also sold at the trader and have slots for filters, but other gas masks also have filter slots, including ones that are spawned in from the item shop. 

The biggest concern I have is that if certain suit pieces won't work because of how they are obtained, then there could possibly be some BadRP relating somebody wearing a full protective suit, mask, and filter, but still dying from the gas due to OOC mechanics.

If we could get some specifics about this that would be most helpful, thank you.

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Salutations @GunterThePenguin,

According to a conversation I've had with @Whitename, any and all of the NBC clothing should work properly. However the NBC suits which are currently being sold at the trader are not the ones from the toxic zone mod to his knowledge. As for gas masks, I believe as long as the gas mask itself has a slot for the filter, it should work properly.

Hope this helps

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