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Dayz not registering

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Hi I am interested in joining your server but for some reason when I go to register my steam account it doesn't want to go through I own Dayz on my folder and it's not appearing to go through is there some way I can go around to fix this issue?


thank you for your time 

- Emperor

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Have you ensured that your steam profile is public? You can do this by going to your profile, clicking edit profile, then into privacy settings, and ensuring that your profile is public, as shown by the screenshot below:


The main ones that need to be public are is the 'My Profile' section, and under than the 'Game details' section.


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Thank you for your assistance I need to spend over 10 hours in the game till I can join the server so I will try and work and find my way into the server when I can and work on the characters

I was able to set it to public as well.


- Emperor

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