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An End - A Beginning


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An End - A Beginning 



Once she felt a little better and her fever calmed down, she finally decided to face reality. It always seemed so … surreal. Hearing about death on the radio. Yet … when she heard about their deaths it was a mixture of grief and sorrow and … relief that washed over her. And guilt. As she heard Dameks maybe last words on the radio. Some people from the Coalition an Krystof contacting her … It didn't feel … real. More like a fever dream - which might have been an option given she probably still had a fever. But she eventually came to terms with the thought of this being reality. 

She would step forward to the graves, looking at each of them before stepping over to the first. She would retrieve a bottle of Vodka and her pack of cigarettes from her backpack - probably not the healthiest thing to do when already not feeling very well … but right now she couldn't care less. 


Her eyes fall onto the grave and she speaks up.

"Damek … I don't know if you were able to hear my last words to you. I sure heard yours. And I want you to know that I forgive you. I did that a long time ago. I was so afraid things would come to this … but I don't hate you for it. You're still a brother. Always will be. And I hope that one day I will see you again in the afterlife."
She laughs a little as tears roll down her face while she opens the bottle of Vodka.
"I am sorry we never got to finish watching that movie … I'll finish it for you, yes ? Rest in peace brother. You deserve it. Here is to you!"
She takes a sip of the vodka before pouring some onto his grave. She then moves on to the next.


Standing before the next grave she lights a cigarette. She takes a drag, ends up coughing and then places it onto the grave.
"Radzig … I guess now I will never know where that cigarette stash is you spoke of, mh? Or get more of the moonshine you made. I am sorry I brought all that shit up during my small party on my first promotion. I had hoped that maybe you would see life as more again than just a fight. Oh … it is so much more brat … you were a good teacher. A good medic. And a good soldier. Now rest. You deserve it. You earned it. I am glad I got to know you!"
She takes another sip of the Vodka before pouring some on the grave again.


"Mikhail … man you pissed me off so much in Chernogorsk! But I also got to learn better sides of you. And truly I would have wished to get to know you more. I believe you are a good man. Hell of annoying but a good man non the less. Punch Maxim for me in the afterlife, ano?"
She chuckles.
"Just … don't let it get out of hand again. Here is to you!"
She drinks some Vodka again, then pours some of it on the grave. 


She stops in front of the next grave and frowns slightly.
"I am sorry … I do not know you or never got to know your name. Maybe we would have hated each other. Or maybe not. Rest well soldier."
She pours another drink after taking a sip herself.


In front of the next grave she stops and salutes.
"Boris - Major.I promised I get the drinks and I did get them regardless … so have this drink with me … I am glad I got to serve with you. I am glad you gave me a chance despite my family. You died fighting for what you believed in. You died a hero. I hope you are reunited with your father again … thank you for doing what you did. It was the right thing … and you did not die in vain, I am glad for that. Here is to you - a great leader. And to the Liberation Front!"
She raises the bottle, takes a sip and then pours some onto the grave. 


She moves on to the last grave. Tears have already been staining her face but now they keep falling again as her expression turns to one filled with sorrow.
"Maxim … my little brother …"
She kneels down in front of the grave and sobs.
"I an so sorry I did not have the strength to lead you onto the right path. I wish I had known of you sooner. I wish we would have had more time together. But I couldn't let you fulfill that one promise you made and I would have done anything to stop you from doing it. I am sorry, little brother. I know you cared about me and I cared about you. So … So much. Now the last bit of my family is gone … Please … as you said punch Viktor for me in the afterlife, yes ? And maybe we will get all the answers from him when we are reunited there. I love you. And I will miss you. I will miss your stupid teasing. I will miss our arguments and fights. And I will miss those moments when both of us did admit we care for each other. Rest well little brother … I will meet you again sooner or later and when that time comes … I hope I have proven that I am strong. Goodbye …"
She takes one last sip from the bottle before pouring the rest of its contents onto the grave. For a moment she breaks down and cries, but eventually she gets up, wipes away her years and turns around to the two people that came with her, a sad smile on her face.


She walks over to Krystof, to hug him and give him a kiss. Then she walks over to Ester and gives her a hug as well and a kiss onto her forehead. Eliska then steps back and addresses them both.

"I have … learned something. Since I joined the front. We shouldn't see this as and end … but as a new beginning. Sure something ended but that's not all there is to it, right ? Every end brings something new and … so does this."
She takes a deep breath.
"I have learned … what it means to fight for something you believe in. Truly believe in. Maybe not in the way they did. But my own way. I have learned that … maybe not everyone can be safed. I wanted to safe them. Damek and Maxim. From themselves. I vowed to never lose someone like my father but I did. But … I shouldn't blame myself for it. One person can only do so much and blaming myself will lead no where. There is only moving on and learning from what happened …"

She wipes away some more tears.

"But the most important thing is that I have learned that family is not always made of blood. Right now … you two are family. Ester … you're a little sister to me, I really want you to know that. And whatever happens from now on … I think we all will be able to face it together."

She takes a deep breath and faces the graves again.
"One thing that could have killed me is gone. There is still a lot out there. The gas and the mysterious NBC people, me being sick isn't very helpful but I am starting to feel better now, but then there also is Vlad and … whatever people he is with … so now .."
She takes a bullet with her name carved on it out of her pocket, she looks back over her shoulder at the two of them before holding up the bullet for them to see.
"Let's make sure … that this bullet that is meant for me … will find its way back to its original owner … shall we ?"



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