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S1: Griefing in Cherno 04/05/2021 19:30

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Server and location: S1, Cherno

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME):  04/05/2021 19:30

Your in game name: Matthew Whitewater

Names of allies involved: Tokarev Koulikov

Name of suspect/s: -

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any):  - 

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): 3 screenshots

Detailed description of the events: Around 19:00 I arrived to our base (Lost Highway's base) and logged off for a couple minutes. Noticed a dead zombie outside and all of our gates open, but didn't suspect anything special since we usually don't lock our gates. Koulikov arrived to the base about half an hour later, and asked me if I'm deleting the rifles that we had on our gun-wall (I'm LH's quartermaster). I told them, that I didn't even look around in the base yet, and logged back in to check the scene, and make some screenshots.

(I couldn't upload the pictures, cuz they were to big, so I'm sharing this link with all 3 pictures: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1X-wTSWopwnF9WA9honoA5Tw7IFCkHpzj?usp=sharing ).

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12:44:41 | Player "Julian Moore" (pos=<6810.6, 2508.6, 3.2>) 
12:49:40 | Player "Julian Moore" (pos=<6847.7, 2515.7, 3.3>) 
12:54:39 | Player "Julian Moore" (pos=<6791.8, 2491.0, 3.4>)  
17:55:56 | Player "Julian Moore" (pos=<6828.2, 2529.9, 7.1>) 
OP Returns to Base

18:00:56 | Player "Matthew Whitewater" (pos=<6819.6, 2555.0, 3.0>) 
18:05:55 | Player "Matthew Whitewater" (pos=<6795.2, 2689.4, 3.0>) 
18:25:54 | Player "Matthew Whitewater" (pos=<6813.2, 2504.2, 3.2>) 
19:05:51 | Player "Matthew Whitewater" (pos=<6817.2, 2507.5, 3.2>) 
19:10:51 | Player "Matthew Whitewater" (pos=<6796.3, 2600.4, 5.7>) 
19:15:50 | Player "Matthew Whitewater" (pos=<6653.0, 2602.2, 7.3>) 
19:20:50 | Player "Matthew Whitewater" (pos=<6646.3, 2542.9, 6.2>) 
19:25:50 | Player "Matthew Whitewater" (pos=<6716.1, 2579.2, 2.9>) 
19:46:24 | Player "Matthew Whitewater" (pos=<6727.2, 2692.3, 5.8>) 
19:51:23 | Player "Matthew Whitewater" (pos=<6805.2, 2505, 7.2>) 
19:56:22 | Player "Matthew Whitewater" (pos=<6813.9, 2506.7, 7.2>) 
20:01:22 | Player "Matthew Whitewater" (pos=<6815.7, 2552.9, 3.0>) 
OP's Ally Arrives at Base
18:20:54 | Player "Tokarev Koulikov" (pos=<6847.7, 2514.8, 3.3>) 
18:25:54 | Player "Tokarev Koulikov" (pos=<6826.4, 2507.1, 3.0>) 
18:30:54 | Player "Tokarev Koulikov" (pos=<6776.3, 2500.7, 4.1>) 
18:50:52 | Player "Tokarev Koulikov" (pos=<6814.1, 2506.8, 7.2>) 
18:55:52 | Player "Tokarev Koulikov" (pos=<6794.7, 2504.9, 3.0>) 
19:00:51 | Player "Tokarev Koulikov" (pos=<6546.4, 2397.9, 6.0>) 
19:05:51 | Player "Tokarev Koulikov" (pos=<6554.8, 2576.8, 5.9>) 
19:10:51 | Player "Tokarev Koulikov" (pos=<6842.2, 2583.1, 3.1>) 
19:15:50 | Player "Tokarev Koulikov" (pos=<6796.3, 2599.9, 5.7>) 
19:20:50 | Player "Tokarev Koulikov" (pos=<6816.9, 2555.3, 3.0>) 
19:25:50 | Player "Tokarev Koulikov" (pos=<6749.3, 2597.0, 3.0>) 
19:51:23 | Player "Tokarev Koulikov" (pos=<6818.9, 2590.6, 3.0>) 
19:56:22 | Player "Tokarev Koulikov" (pos=<6820.6, 2576.9, 3.1>) 
20:01:22 | Player "Tokarev Koulikov" (pos=<6808.1, 2506.1, 7.2>) 




12:36:42 | Player "Julian Moore" is connected
13:08:32 | Player "Julian Moore" has been disconnected
17:39:57 | Player "Julian Moore" is connected
17:59:23 | Player "Julian Moore" has been disconnected

17:19:10 | Player "Matthew Whitewater" is connected
18:10:08 | Player "Matthew Whitewater" has been disconnected
18:21:39 | Player "Matthew Whitewater" is connected
18:28:58 | Player "Matthew Whitewater" has been disconnected
19:04:52 | Player "Matthew Whitewater" is connected
19:30:33 | Player "Matthew Whitewater" has been disconnected
19:33:40 | Player "Matthew Whitewater" has been disconnected
19:35:14 | Player "Matthew Whitewater" has been disconnected
19:41:15 | Player "Matthew Whitewater" has been disconnected
19:45:02 | Player "Matthew Whitewater" is connected
20:03:43 | Player "Matthew Whitewater" has been disconnected

18:09:27 | Player "Tokarev Koulikov" is connected
18:31:26 | Player "Tokarev Koulikov" has been disconnected
18:48:18 | Player "Tokarev Koulikov" is connected
19:30:33 | Player "Tokarev Koulikov" has been disconnected
19:46:13 | Player "Tokarev Koulikov" is connected


Calling in the follow people for their full and detailed points of view and any unedited video evidence they may have

@Magus66 | Matthew Whitewater - OP
@ignisyellow | Julian Moore - Posted
@Ben Earl | Tokarev Koulikov - Not Posted

Only those called into the report should post in it.
Since @ignisyellow has not been on the forums for some time, he will be temporarily banned until he provides his POV.

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My apologies I didn't mean to "grief." That's not my style, the gun wall was placed in such a way where you cannot access it from the ground, I could only manage to take guns from it momentarily so the method in which I did this was by dragging them to the nearby vacinity, when I did this I was aware there were people in the area so they would likely pick these up and replace them however they had put them up in the first place, but I physically couldn't find a way to get them back on, however while inspecting the weapons I had taken I someone approaching my location so I went and hid, never putting them back up. After a while of hiding I was called for my dinner and logged out (I had not interacted in any dialogue or roleplay scenarios). I did not intentionally try to make the guns despawn as I believe Koulikov entered the room they were in like 2 minutes after at most. I am an ex member of the group (left due to roleplay and character traits I had adapted to create interesting antagonism for the group to overcome) and have no ill will to them to the point where I would despawn their gear, I think the members of their discord server, where I am still active in OOC conversations and such will agree. I apologise for leaving the weapons on the floor but I wasn't trying to grief, had the gun wall been lower so I could access it on the ground I would have of course put the guns back.

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Thank you for your POV, @ignisyellow, your temp ban has been removed. Please keep an eye on the forums in case we have any further questions regarding this report.

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Greetings @Magus66,

The staff team has discussed your request to close this report and have decided to allow the request to close the report. Though there are a couple of things that we want to say about the reported situation.

Both explained in the POV of the accused and confirmed in the logs, it appears that someone showed up mid-raid. This means that the raider had no good chance to put things into the containers again. Therefore this report would have likely ended up in a 'not guilty'. Though since you never saw the raiding party, we understand your initial concerns for griefing.

With that being said,

//Report closed

Signed: @Basko and @Realize.

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