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To Chernarus


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*Major Stepánov would lie in a staircase in Vybor Military Camp, full of gunshot wounds and slowly dying*


I am sorry.... I have failed you all. Damek Novaki and Maxim Petrov poisoned the soldiers of the Chernarus Liberation Front. They are traitors and they are responsible for all the bad things you've heard. I killed Petrov myself...."

*he would look around on the people surrounding him in the staircase*

"My fathers legacy is destroyed. The legacy is gone."

*he would grunt and scream from his gunshot wunds*

"I am now following my father into the grave. To Krystof. You now have the lead until Aleksei returns...."

*he would faint and pass out, never opening his eyes ever again*

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*Alex would pick up his Baofeng DM-1701 Dualband DMR VHF UHF Tier2 5watt IP55*

"Goodbye friend, say hi to ya pops from me if you can hear this."

*He sighs and mumbles : "Guess ill be going back to fishing"*

*Alex would stop the car, step out, put his Baofeng DM-1701 Dualband DMR VHF UHF Tier2 5watt IP55 on the hood, and have a smoke.*

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**A voice would come to the radio**

"You fucking Usurper, Rot. Rest in peace to my bratr, i should've slit your throat when i was going to. And to the rest of the 'Liberation front' if i see you, you're fucking dead."

**Radio would fizzle out**

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*An American voice would come over the radio, the man speaking would have a somber tone*


I'm truly sorry that it had to come to this.  I only wished to fight for a free chernarus.  Never against the people who call this land home.


*The radio would fall silent once again*

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*An Armenian voice to come to*

Your time has come..

Unity is what you all wanted, and it is what you have gotten.

The Unity of the entire Oblast coming against your force.

Either way, morality goes a long way.. May god have mercy on your soul

*The radio begins to cut to static as cheers and laughing can be heard in the back*

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A moment of silence before a Slavic accent came into the feed. 

"Understand that what was done was for the better of our survival. Those who remained here fought for the people, in the end supporting your country. 

I heard betrayal, poison, ruin. But you pointed fingers to us, those who had no intention at first to dismantle you, you done it with your own hands."

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People of Chernarus,

I am Krystof Beznak, the highest-ranking remaining officer of the Chernarus Liberation Front in South Zagoria.

I never wished to be in this position, and I was not prepared to address you like this.

But… yesterday, Major Boris Stepanov, the last leader of the Liberation Front has given his life… has made the ultimate sacrifice for our people.

The difficulty of what our Major had to do to protect our home from injustice and tyranny, is unimaginable. I know of no other man who would have had the strength and resolve to do this.

Chernarus. We have lost many good men yesterday. Heroes of this land and those who call it home. They swore an oath, pledged their lives to defend Chernarus from oppression.

It is thanks to the Chernarus Liberation Front, that I am speaking to a free nation today. A free land. A land that is Liberated and has to move on to a new future. The Chernarus Liberation Front will hand the agency to shape that future back to the people of Chernarus. The Chernarus Liberation Front will be dissolved, effective today. Bratri a Sestri. You have fulfilled your oath, and you are relieved of your duty now. It was an honor serving with you.

Your legacy. The legacy of all those who sacrificed themselves, and the legacy of Dimitri and Boris Stepanov is a free land, a land of free people. By giving their lives they gave us the chance to determine our own fate. They gave us a chance to leave a decade of terror and injustice behind. A chance to breathe, to look around, to realize what truly matters and move on from the horrors of the past.

For, Bratri, Sestri. Every living person in this country is in danger. In grief danger. There is a new menace, a new enemy, who does not differentiate between Chernarussians and foreigners, between civilians and soldiers or women and children. We are being attacked with a lethal biological weapon, and this new enemy knows no mercy, will not hold back to use that weapon, until every living man and woman in this land is eradicated.

If we are not able to stop what is coming from the North, nothing of this will matter anymore. Our conflicts will be irrelevant. All the pain we endured, the losses we mourned, the sacrifices, made by good men with great hearts, will be irrelevant.

So... Stop fighting each other over nonsense. Leave the past behind. Organize, stand united with all the living people in this land. That is the only way we will prevail.

We don’t have much time, Chernarus. This may be our last chance. A chance that was given to us by the sacrifices of Stepanov and his men. They died for us. For you. Their blood was spilled so we can leave the past behind and face the future together. All of us. Now it is upon us to ensure that their sacrifice was not in vain. That is our duty now. To fight. To fight not each other but what is coming from the North. Together. For Chernarus. For everyone who calls this land home. For all of us. Unite. And fight.



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:: Valentin would begrudgingly respond unable to hold back his remarks ::

"I hate to be the one to point out the hypocrisy of half the shit you just said koleś, but I think the rest of us functioning people were already at that point and that it was the lot of you that were the one's keeping us from making progress from this threat. Now I don't care if some of you grew a brain and turned on each other- you should do something to make amends to those you've pissed off. From watching from the sidelines these people might agree to work together but they sure as hell shouldn't forget how ignorant you've all been up to this point."

"But sure be unified, come buy a car from your friendly neighborhood Transporters."

:: The transmission ends ::

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A tired and sober Josef speaks over the radio

"Rest in peace Bratr. It is a real shame the legacy of the CLF will go down in history with mixed opinions. Power corrupts pure hearts. Your bratři that betrayed your father's beliefs and practice is an insult to him and Chernarus. May the traitors burn for their corruption, and you and your father and thousands of more CDF and CLF patriots rest in peace. May they be remembered as heroes!"

He takes a deep breath and speaks again

"Unity and Progress have always been the words of my short live administration and the driving force behind the NRC. I am happy to hear more people speaking of unity. It is a real disappointment that it took the deaths of patriots and an attack from the north to finally make this possible. The next time there is a chance for order, I pray that it is lead by a organization of open minded individuals and not radicals. Chernarus ještě nepadl!

He turns off the radio and leaves his cabin

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*The sound of a boat engine can be heard in the background as a Japanese woman speaks over the radio*

"Major... I was never poisoned. I won't apologize however for the things I've done... for what my brothers and sisters have done. We only did what we thought was right, but somewhere along the way some of us were lost. They were consumed by their hatred... and I must admit it wouldn't have taken much for me to have been alongside my fallen brothers and sisters."

*She releases the PTT for a moment to compose herself before speaking up again*

"To those of us still yet alive. I love you... and will always... but my time has come. Japan calls back to me... and I must leave. Chernarus is sick and I can't be there to heal her. It's up to the dogpigs and citizens of Chernarus to deal with it now. I'll always treasure what memories I have, but we always knew it was going to come to this."

*She lights a cigarette and takes a drag before continuing.*

"To everyone else... find these NBC assholes and destroy them. Save Chernarus. Save what we fought to free. Do what you must. Glory to the Liberation Front. Glory to Chernarus." 


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