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Hellooo community

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  • Sapphire

Kill infected for food, can sometimes find canned food on them.  Fill up on food/water asap to survive as long as possible.

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Hi there WhitePuma! ?

Welcome to the community and I hope you enjoy your time here ?

I'd say there are plenty of guides on youtube that should be able to help you and maybe even a few on these forums ^^ But a few things off the top of my head

1. If you find water bottles, always empty them and try to clean them if u can before using them. 

2. If you don't have any chlorine tablets but u have a cooking pot, u can boil the water instead ^^

3. You can make rope out of guts if you have a knife.

4. Canned food is better than meat as it doesn't go off but if you do get meat, try and cook it ASAP as it lasts longer, smoking lasts longest out of all.

5. Multivitamins are great for your characters immune system, I always take them whenever I find them. 

6. Whenever you are near a waterpump, keep drinking until the white water bottle is at the top and only stop when you get the stomach sign. ( same with food ) 

7. If you ever see wolves, they come in packs so try and shoot the biggest looking one as that's the alpha.


Hope these help ?


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  • Legend
1 hour ago, WhitePuma said:

Hello dayzRP community i am new to the server any tips or advice for survivng as an expert survivor? ??

Don't get attached to your gear.

Welcome ?

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  • Emerald

Hey man! Welcome!


Some tips and advices are to just check around solved reports and see what u can't do and can do.

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  • Diamond

Welcome to the community!

Enjoy your time here!

The roleplay is really good and cool!

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  • Diamond

Watch out for the wolves.  ?

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  • MVP

Hello and welcome to the community ? !

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  • Emerald

Yo welcome to the community. Have fun!

A few tips from me

1. No OOC. OOC bad.

2. Have fun and make light of any situation you are in. It makes it more enjoyable.

3. Be patient with other RPers. If you don't enjoy their RP just give em a chance im sure they're trying their best.

Thank you that is all ?

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  • MVP

Welcome WhitePuma!

Seems like you already got quite some tips. I do not have much to add to that.
Though I do hope you will have a good time in the community and I hope to see you around!

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