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BadRP - Berezino - 2021-04-03, 11:30


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Server and location: Chernarus, Berezino 
Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2021-04-03, 11:30 
Your in game name: Ivan Belic 
Names of allies involved: N/A
Name of suspect/s:  @Slaviox / @Strangrer
Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): Tractor 
Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): None 

Detailed description of the events: 
As Ivan comes back from a trip driving around, he comes across two guys were orange construction vests. He has a short conversation at the gate with them and he goes inside. At first he was suspicious of them because they were outside a friends house. So he tried to keep an eye on them. Later one of them comes in and asks for a screwdriver because they misplaced their house. Ivan says he doesn’t have one and he continues to watch them. He notices them on the hill and sees that one of them have a grenade launcher and watches the man wave it around. Once again, one of them comes back to the bar and Ivan asks if he found a screwdriver, to which Ivan replies no and then the man comments on the tractor outside saying it looks nice and Ivan replies “thanks.”

After getting bored of watching them for a little, Ivan goes back to chores around the bar when a loud explosion is heard. Ivan searches around and spots the two guys in the orange vests on the hill again with a blown up tractor and driving the tractor that was now stolen from the front gate. He closely monitors them because he did not want to approach people who are known already to have a grenade launcher. The two men then proceed to try and blow up the tractor with their grenade launcher, SKS, and axe. Then one of them shoots the grenade launcher towards the town. During this time 2 or 3 shots were heard. One landed toward the gate of the pub area and the other hit the scaffolding right behind where Ivan was standing. The third shot was heard but unknown where it landed. After that they give up trying to destroy the tractor and both go into the cabin and logout.


I messaged Realize immediately after they shot the grenade launcher toward the town  and asked him to come to help desk. I wanted to talk to them and just point out to them what they are doing was not a good idea and is considered BadRP. I had no intention of making this report when I went into help desk, but after their attitude (particularly @Slaviox) I made the report. 

They had no regard for their actions and were very defensive, even when I stated I was not there to report. @Strangrer said that he was unsure about shooting the launcher into town and @Slaviox would admit and deny it multiple times throughout our conversation in helpdesk. He was argumentative the whole time and was lying about things that happened while talking about it in helpdesk. I continuous stated that I just wanted them to learn from the situation and not let something like that happen again and @Slaviox said that the conversation was a waste of his time. 

In no fashion does shooting a grenade launcher without an initiation at a town where you just stole a tractor deem good roleplay in any fashion. It is or borderlines trolling and in no way contributes to the roleplay on the server. I wasn’t going to run up a hill at two guys by myself and try to initiate while they were shooting a grenade launcher towards the town I am standing in because it would not have been valuing my own life. Their actions and concern for them is careless. How can one be sure that all of the shots toward the town were smokes and not grenades while they are going off? Indiscriminately shooting a grenade launcher at a town where you know there is at least one person is not good roleplay whatsoever. 

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Position Logs :


Accused Party

10:42:54 | Player "Nikita Stepanov" (pos=<12021.9, 9042.6, 54.0>) 
10:47:53 | Player "Nikita Stepanov" (pos=<12015.8, 9035.7, 54.0>) 
10:52:53 | Player "Nikita Stepanov" (pos=<11946.4, 9111.9, 54.0>) 
10:57:52 | Player "Nikita Stepanov" (pos=<11945.6, 9048.0, 54.0>) 
11:02:51 | Player "Nikita Stepanov" (pos=<11775.9, 8896.9, 85.7>) 
11:07:50 | Player "Nikita Stepanov" (pos=<11769.4, 8882.6, 88.0>) 
11:16:10 | Player "Nikita Stepanov" (pos=<12093.8, 8999.7, 51.9>) 
11:21:09 | Player "Nikita Stepanov" (pos=<11890.2, 9148.7, 54.0>) 
11:26:08 | Player "Nikita Stepanov" (pos=<11909, 9012.1, 53.9>) 
11:31:07 | Player "Nikita Stepanov" (pos=<11773.1, 8906.0, 84.3>) 
11:36:06 | Player "Nikita Stepanov" (pos=<11782.1, 8886.9, 85.8>) 

10:42:54 | Player "Yuri Pushkin" (pos=<12017.2, 9044.5, 54.1>) 
10:47:53 | Player "Yuri Pushkin" (pos=<12014.7, 9035.1, 54.0>) 
10:52:53 | Player "Yuri Pushkin" (pos=<11960.7, 9133.2, 54.0>) 
10:57:52 | Player "Yuri Pushkin" (pos=<11945.7, 9048.9, 54.0>) 
11:02:51 | Player "Yuri Pushkin" (pos=<11771.7, 8884.0, 87.6>) 
11:07:50 | Player "Yuri Pushkin" (pos=<11774.3, 8883.0, 87.4>) 
11:16:10 | Player "Yuri Pushkin" (pos=<11897.3, 8961.1, 57.7>) 
11:21:09 | Player "Yuri Pushkin" (pos=<12314.1, 9082, 35.4>) 
11:26:08 | Player "Yuri Pushkin" (pos=<11921.3, 9007.8, 55.3>) 
11:31:07 | Player "Yuri Pushkin" (pos=<11770.7, 8905.8, 86.0>) 
11:36:06 | Player "Yuri Pushkin" (pos=<11773.4, 8899.3, 85.6>) 

Reporting Party
10:57:52 | Player "Ivan Belic" (pos=<12018.2, 9017.9, 53.8>) 
11:02:51 | Player "Ivan Belic" (pos=<12019.9, 9052.2, 53.9>) 
11:07:50 | Player "Ivan Belic" (pos=<11985.2, 8993.6, 54.7>) 
11:16:10 | Player "Ivan Belic" (pos=<12028.6, 9050.5, 54.1>) 
11:21:09 | Player "Ivan Belic" (pos=<12041.3, 9086.1, 56.6>) 
11:26:08 | Player "Ivan Belic" (pos=<12006.2, 9013.9, 53.9>) 
11:31:07 | Player "Ivan Belic" (pos=<11982.3, 9001.3, 54.6>) 
11:36:06 | Player "Ivan Belic" (pos=<11985.2, 8993.5, 54.7>) 


Connection Logs :


Accused Party

09:47:55 | Player "Nikita Stepanov" is connected
11:09:18 | Player "Nikita Stepanov" has been disconnected
11:12:35 | Player "Nikita Stepanov" is connected
11:36:53 | Player "Nikita Stepanov" has been disconnected

09:49:27 | Player "Yuri Pushkin" is connected
11:09:18 | Player "Yuri Pushkin" has been disconnected
11:13:37 | Player "Yuri Pushkin" is connected
11:37:18 | Player "Yuri Pushkin" has been disconnected

Defending Party

09:54:16 | Player "Ivan Belic" is connected
11:09:18 | Player "Ivan Belic" has been disconnected
11:11:48 | Player "Ivan Belic" is connected
12:24:28 | Player "Ivan Belic" has been disconnected


Calling in the following people to post their Point of Views & any video evidence they may have:

@cjackson821 | Ivan Belic - OP
Nikita Stepanov - Posted

@Strangrer | Yuri Pushkin - Posted

Only people called in should be posting their POV's

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Nikita Stepanov POV:

We first encountered @cjackson821 outside of the prefab container gate. We greet him and move on as he is in a car and we don’t wanna stress him that we will jump him or smth. Later we find some tractor standing outside of the prefab and decide to take it up the hill as it didn’t seem to be owned by anyone and was perfect for our farmer RP idea. At the time Nikita was carrying a satchel charge and was curious how powerful it is so we decided to test it on one of the tractors so we would have some idea of how it works. We planted a charge under the tractor and ran away into the field. Explosion happened but the tractor survived and was damaged. It was then when we realised that damaged tractors look much older and fits more with our RP idea as our characters are old farm owners and old looking equipment fits us better . Being curious how a badly damaged tractor looks we decided to try to make the damaged tractor badly damaged. For that work we used a grenade launcher. We shot it once with a smoke grenade and it went badly damaged (looks didn’t change to our disappointment). We then started the now badly damaged tractor and took it for a little drive to check if it works and it worked. Being happy that it works and looks great we decided to make the other one damaged so it looked better. We shot it a few times with smoke grenades but nothing happened. They just bounced and rolled down the hill doing no visible damage to the tractor. It was then when I missed one smoke grenade shot and it went to berezino. After that, disappointed with smoke grenades results we moved to HE grenades and shot 2 times into a worn tractor. Both of them exploded on tractors with no damage effect. After that we surrendered the idea and decided to take a small dinner break. I left the game with one badly damaged tractor and one worn tractor ,both of them working. 

While cooking my burgers I got a message to hop into the helpdesk. 2 min of cooking later I joined the help desk. While we were talking in the help desk I wasn’t on the server but at the end I logged in and @cjackson821 was there with a destroyed tractor and with our house gone - screwdrived away probably while we were talking in the helpdesk.


Tractor is still there and is accessible. Never was it destroyed.


Edited by Slaviox
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Yuri Pushkin POV:

While desperately looking for people Yuri and Nikita arrived in Berezino. We saw some barricades, looked around and didn’t find anyone. But as we leave the place we see a car driving and stopping near a barricade, we greet the man that drives it. After that we walk around the town looking for a place suitable for building a farm (we are old Sovkhoz workers and we are trying to rebuild what once was our workplace). We decide to place our hut on a hill next to town. Unfortunately our house is tilted and we don’t have a screwdriver to replace it and make it look better. I go to the guy that I saw near the barricades and ask him if he has any to lend or trade, he doesn’t have any. So I search for it around town, I arrive at old Kolchoz where I find a working tractor with a battery inside nearly crashed into a fence. I take it and drive it to our hut. Then I proposed to Nikita that we should also take a tractor that was somewhere in the city left outside of the barricaded zone, without a battery. We also take it. Then Nikita suggested that we should check how his satchel charge works, since we have both tractors we use one of them as a target, after the explosion I check the vehicle, it is damaged but I drive it around and it’s fine, it looked even better than before, it had somewhat rusted and dirty texture which matched our idea of being old geezers using old equipment and all that. We decide it is better that way so we try to make the other one look also like that. I tried to use SKS but after one shot I abandon the idea, as we had a lot of ammo for grenade launcher, mostly green smokes, we use some of them to see if they do any better, after hit they just roll down the hill, I didn’t really see any smoke going into Berezino, but that may be due to distance draw, then we try HE grenades I don’t remember if it damaged tractor but it didn’t look like it got any damage. After that @Slaviox needed to go afk for a while so we left the server.


After some time I get a message from @Cor, that I should go to helpdesk to talk about something that happened in the game. We talk, soon after that Slaviox joins too. When I left discord, I immediately joined the game and logged on to a server to see that our hut disappeared with one of the tractors  and the other one was damaged to the point of being unable to drive it. I logged on a minute later so I didn’t see anyone near our stuff, unlike @Slaviox I heard that he saw @cjackson821 somewhere around the hill we decided to stay. At that time I didn’t really care about it, but now I think I should mention that.


EDIT: Yep tractor works, probably a bug.

Edited by Strangrer
crossed out section explains everything
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@cjackson821 So based on your POV, I'm assuming that you heard explosive rounds in the town, or were they a mixture of smoke and explosive?

And if it was a combination, did you see for yourself any of the other explosions aside from the specific one mentioned at the gate landed, versus where the smoke rounds landed?

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The pink hexagon was my position and the blue circles were where both of the tractors were located. They also had a cabin which is the black box. The red arrow indicates where they were standing and the direction they were firing. Then he turns and fires towards Berezino, so in no way did you "accidentally" fire at Berezino. This is the 3rd explanation that you have given about how it was fired into Berezino. In help desk you said the shot rolled down the hill, which is impossible for where the shot landed and then you also admitted in help desk that you actually shot into Berezino. So you should really reconsider saying that you shot accidentally into Berezino. 

@Duplessis I am not sure what the first round was. I was watching them through my 25x Sniper scope I have on my socom that I detached from the gun. I watched him turn toward Berezino and shoot and I heard the shot hit something in front of me toward my right. I didn't hear and explosion just like a metal cling sound, but I did not see smoke from that. The second shot I heard hit right behind me on the scaffolding I was standing in front of. If the second shot was an HE it would have certainly killed me. 

The specific explosions I know I heard was the satchel charge and then when I watched them use the launcher on the tractor. I am not sure what the first shot was that was shot into town because I heard it hit the building but after I started moving away I saw no other smoke besides the one that landed right next to me. 

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Launcher changed hands a few times. We didn't think much of it so no video. I would ask @cjackson821 for evidence as he is the reporting party and as he used his hours played as a leverage and as a way to intimidate us in helpdesk . I would think he would know to record behaviour he deemed worth reporting ? Or maybe there were just no explosions in front of him and flying above his head so there could be no possibility of that evidence existing ?

Edited by Slaviox
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11 minutes ago, Slaviox said:

as he used his hours played as a leverage and as a way to intimidate us in helpdesk . I would think he would know to record behaviour he deemed worth reporting ? Or maybe there were just no explosions in front of him and flying above his head so there could be no possibility of that evidence existing ?

Your irate behavior and accusations of calling me a liar caused me to respond by saying that as one of the top played people what use would I have in lying. In no way was it a intimidation. 

@Slaviox You admitted to shooting the launcher at Berezino in help desk and @Strangrer pointed it out as you as well in help desk. There is no point in lying and to continuously act like nothing happened. It does nothing but make you look worse in the end. 

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First he shot the launcher a few times and then I wanted to try as I never did so he handed it to me. You literally changed how many grenades there were after I joined the channel and claimed the tractor was destroyed while we left it working and joined later and it was still there working so how not to call you a liar? Was it 1-2 shots or 3-4 or what new number did you create? With all those stories of grenades flying above your head that you told us in helpdesk. At what angle would I need to shoot a grenade from a hill outside Berezino into Berezino that it would fly over your head?

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I know this picture is a little crude , but the red circle is where the tractors were. The nice little stick figure is where I was standing and my actual character is the scaffolding that was hit by one of the grenades. So no.... it didn't roll down hill or majestically bounce off a tractor and land here. My story has always stuck to 2-3 grenades. Trying to muddy the waters isn't making a difference here. You haven't been able to give a clear story at all. I will no longer be responding to your outlandish questions and remarks and will now only comment if asked by staff. 

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@Slaviox In the helpdesk call, you admitted to shooting the grenade launcher into the town.

Why did you fire the grenade launcher into Berezino? Or are you now saying you lied in the helpdesk call?


Your attitude is shit, and you need to drop it. Its incredibly easy to arc a grenade over Berezino from where you were. Knock off the sass, answer with truth, and be respectful.

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As I said, a smoke grenade was shot into Berezino.  How exactly I'm not sure as this happened shot after shot in the span of a few minutes. Pretty sure that was the one that just went through windshield as we realised there wasn't one. What I’m sure is that all HE grenades impacted the tractor and exploded there. 


Or are you now saying you lied in the helpdesk call?

What's the goal of this sentence? Make target of it more agitated while talking something about attitude. 

Edited by Slaviox
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20 hours ago, cjackson821 said:


Just for clarity in regards to my question regarding the type of round they used, you said for sure that the accused used two smoke grenades for the first two? Consequently, how did you determine that a third shot had been fired? Did you hear the pop from the grenade launcher, the round hitting the ground, an explosion, etc.?

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@Duplessis I thought I heard another pop but at that point when the second one hit right behind me I wasn’t going to stand around. So I started moving so I wasn’t going to get hit if the next round was going to be an HE grenade. 

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@Slaviox | BadRP - Inconclusive
@Strangrer | BadRP - Inconclusive


In Berezino, the two accused, @Slaviox and @Strangrer, arrive and meet @cjackson821 near the pub before asking for a screwdriver. He says he does not have one, and Slaviox and Strangrer take two tractors up the hill to begin setting up a farm. When they arrive there, they find that they prefer the style the tractor has when it is damaged and so begin to damage the tractors intentionally for aesthetic reasons. During this time, Slaviox alleges he accidentally launched a smoke grenade which rolled down the hill towards Berezino, whereas Cjackson claims that he fired two to three rounds into the town.

BadRP | We have been forced to come to a verdict of inconclusive regarding this report due to the lack of video evidence, as well as conflicting points of view from both sides of this report. One side alleges that they missed a smoke round which then rolled down the hill, the original poster alleges that they launched several rounds into the town. The damaging of the tractor is a consistent story with both sides of this report.

However, while reviewing this report, the staff team came to the conclusion that deliberately damaging a vehicle in order to "improve" its appearance, or to make it look more appropriate for the style of roleplay that Slaviox and Strangrer were attempting to portray, does not qualify as BadRP, as well in this context we feel that the testing of explosives does not necessarily qualify as BadRP either. The main issue we found was the allegation of shooting smoke grenades into the town. This is unfortunately also inconclusive, as in both the helpdesk and in this report itself, Slaviox has maintained that he did not deliberately shoot into the town, but that one round rolled down the hill, whereas Cjackson has alleged that at least two (if not three) were fired into Berezino itself. As we do not take the word of one community member over the word of another, this is inconclusive.


@Slaviox | BadRP - no action taken.
@Strangrer | BadRP - no action taken.

Signed by @Duplessis, @Lettuce and @Realize

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