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To the CLF


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*Daniil sits in his house, his last refuge, and looks at the woman sleeping next to him with a sad smile, playing over their conversation in his head several times before finally rising and slipping from the room. 


Moving to the kitchen he quietly closes the door and pulls out his radio*


This is Daniil Turgenev reaching out to the CLF... my bratrs and sestra... my countrymen... I have been hearing increasingly worrying rumors of late... Of you hunting a family wishing to better themselves, of hunting a woman who's done nothing but attempt to help the people all for the past sins of her boyfriend.


Rumors of you heading to Berezino and forcing out the last remaining chernarussian business by threat of force.


Now these rumors I cannot confirm beyond whispers. I had hoped to talk to you about them. But then Evin... the woman most important to me... came to me with new news. That members of your party had approached Alexi at green mountain making demands that he and his people leave a coalition. A coalition formed to fight the forces that would threaten our country. And I am shook. My dear countrymen I am shook that you would turn your guns on your own.


Let me tell you about the people at Green Mountain my bratrs and sestra. I have known them well. Some I met when the Russians forced us to move to Cherno. When they fought alongside our bratr... where were you?


Some hunted alongside our more nationalist kin, supplying them and giving them aid as our kin moved about the country... Where were you?


When our kin formed a new government in Zelenogorsk, they gave them the means and support to do so... Where were you?


When PoV and the RAF attacked and gassed the government, the citizenry, your bratr and sestra, it was they that fought shoulder to shoulder with them. Where were you?


When I had to personally help evacuate our kin to safety as the Oblast got overrun by infected, aided only by those at the mountain, where were you?


When it was safe to return and they helped our kin return home, finding boats and any other means, where were you?


And now that you've been gone for all of this, as their blood stains the grounds of that mountain mixed with that of our kin who they've so proudly supported all this time, you wish to turn your guns on them?


And you do this in the name of Chernarus?


No my bratrs and sestra. If you would turn your guns on Alexi, a patriot, and those at the mountain who have fought on our behalf... then you do not do it for Chernarus. You do it to kill everything Chernarus is.


Reconsider. Look at who you are, where you come from. Because it is the country that weeps when bratr kills bratr. Our land is too soaked with our countrymen's blood. Let us not needlessly spill more.


*He releases his PTT and pulls out a chair, sitting quietly at his dinner table*

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