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[Chernarus] To my bratr


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*Marek would take a moment to tape his PTT down before attaching it to his vest, the sound of rustling could be heard presumably from bushes or trees. After a short period of silence and deep breathing the sound of a weapon rattling could be heard as he stood his AK up and would begin to pull the charging handle down a short ways and allowing it to click back into place.*

"So... this is what it's come to. The threat of total annihilation to our home, the deaths of our bratr and our sestra and all of those that have fought to free Chernarus from the very grips of Russia, locals and foreigners alike. The threat of our very existence coming to an end, and all the CLF decides to do is try and take a stand against the entire coalition that has formed to try and help rid the country of this new and very real threat. Why? That's all I wish to know is why? WHY?! 

*The sound of a yell could be heard as bag is thrown against a tree*

"WHY are you trying to fight the people that are fighting for the very FUCKING survival of Chernarus? Why is it so god damn hard for CLF to set aside differences for ONCE in order to better the land in which the living still reside?"

*He'd let out a long sigh and sit back down, leaves crunching softly beneath him as he rubs his face*

"I truly believed in the CLF, from the time the third wave started. I made it my job to inform you all of as much as I could that would be relevant in any way. Movement of RF and RAC, the chatter around town. When I heard of the Majors death at the hands of RAC it hit me hard, then you all disappeared out west, for months after the RAC finally withdrew from our home, to continue fighting... The day I heard your voice that cold winter night outside of Svet Damek I was overcome with joy, because I knew what it meant. I rekindled your information pipeline with me outside of Novo and from there made it my goal to join the CLFs ranks officially. The day you officially recruited me into the CLFs ranks was a moment I'm still proud of in some way, being given your personal Svobodnik pin was the cherry on top. Because I respected you so fucking much Damek. You were there the day we rescued Lily from certain fucking death after her run in with the Pedlars, how could I not respect you for that? Even amongst all the chaos that had been going on during that time. But... there was always something that stood out to me about the day you had me sworn into the CLF. You told me there's nothing more important than the Front. I never believed in that, because there would always be something AFTER the Front. I was always looking to the future, because the fighting stops eventually. It always does one way or another. What comes AFTER the fighting, AFTER the Front? 

*He'd curse to himself and go back fiddling with his AK*

"I'm getting off track. I always did see myself as being too sentimental. But I digress. Let it be known that from this day forth. I, Marek Valek, am leaving the Chernarus Liberation Front. I refuse to raise arms against foreigners and locals alike that have decided to band together to eliminate this final threat from Russia. I refuse to kill people I call my bratr and sestra that come from walks of life different from ours. Even if it means fighting against some of you that I would have happily laid down my life for mere months ago."

*The sound of the fiddling would have ceased and now only the occasional gust of wind would fill the airwaves*

"I know what this means... You don't have to say it or spell it out to me or anyone else listening. I'm a target, marked for death like anyone else that is deemed a traitor within the CLF, and that's fine. Death comes for us all sooner rather than later, until my time comes though I will enjoy what time I do have with my wife, my friends, and everyone else that wishes to see Chernarus fight another day, everyone else that wishes to see Chernarussians and foreigners live in peace amongst one another. A vision that from what I heard in my last few days wasn't shared by a few of you within the ranks of CLF, and that's fine. Old habits die hard I guess. Nevertheless, Damek... I hope we never find each other at the end of one anothers barrels. I've left your Svobodnik pin and a gift of sorts for you where you first swore me into the CLF. I hope everyone listening can eventually find their peace, whether it be in death or amongst your fellow man as we fight to overcome whatever the world throws at us."

*He'd let out one final breath before uttering his final words on the radio waves*

"Slava Coalition. Slava Chernarus. Goodbye for now my friends."

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