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Ban removal appeal S1: Invalid Kill in NWAF 12:05 - Solved Reports - DayZRP 

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This is about the case below 

S1: Invalid Kill in NWAF 12:05 - Solved Reports - DayZRP 

Me and Nacho Niller was reported INCORRECTLY 

I cannot speak on behalf of Nacho

But we was at NWAF at the big tent/garrison area, i was in my car, and we were supposed to meet there, 

Nacho meets a russian speaking player, and hes very aggresive, he stand NEXT to a person (0.5m) when he pulls a gun out, i end up getting killed with no weapons what so ever, and i recall nacho being killed from hes wounds afterwards, the russian player pulled out hes gun aiming at nacho. therefor he returned fire, also hitting the guy the russian was speaking too, 

i died as the first victim without weapons and cant confirm 100% what happen. but the ban is suddenly not correct ? 

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Greetings @Tobias123115,

A separate portion of the staff team has reviewed your appeal and decided to ACCEPT IT.

It seems based on the other points of view given in the report, you had little to do with the complaint at hand and were simply a bystander, as well as you being the first person to die. In the future please be sure to provide your point of view in an expedient manner, so as to avoid receiving a temporary ban for failing to provide your point of view.

With the above said,
Appeal accepted - temp ban removed.

Signed by @Realize @Lettuce & @Basko

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