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Do western weapons kill immersion?

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Does the large amount of western weapons kill immersion for you?

I do think it is a bit odd, being in a country sandwiched between Takistan and Russia that there is a large amount of high military grade weapons from the east. 
For me it kinda feels a bit weird, surely there would be far more AKs, hunting rifles and shotguns, in comparison to SCARS and M14s? ect 
I also feel that guns are not only too easy to secure, but the ease of finding ammo just makes it so easy. Surely guns should be something of value, equipment to be cherished, or feared. 

To sum this up, I feel guns have no value, and the large amount of high military grade weapons is just odd.
Does anyone else share my view?

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  • Titanium
Posted (edited)

I believe this is getting rectified, you can't buy the SCARs in traders anymore, and spawn rates are down a bunch. they just didn't do a loot wipe to solidify it, so people are still carrying SCARs that were around before that update.

On the discussion of why the western weapons are in, NATO technically was in Chernarus for the civil war...for about a week until Russia big-dicked them out of the conflict. They would have been able to bring their weapons in...and possibly leave them there too.

But yes, I feel there is too much emphasis on western weapons, getting preferred to their eastern counterparts left and right. In a statistics stance, this makes sense, the western weapons perform better than their eastern counterparts...

But crazily enough, there isn't any balance to really use eastern guns other than in a roleplay sense, an M4 can be just as common as an AK, or the rarity ends up being a negligable part of it.

My deal would be reduce the spawn of western weapons, along with their ammo, and put more emphasis in eastern guns. You're in a post-soviet state, soviet-era weapons are going to be the norm.

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  • Sapphire

I'd love to find out where you're going to find plentiful ammo for those western guns.


But like the poster above said, the scars and fals have been removed from the traders, and rarity has been turned WAY up.  

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  • Diamond

At the start of the lore, eastern weapons were the majority on the server because of the fact Western militaries weren’t sent to help Chernarus against Russia.  I remember only seeing maybe one or two M4s and that was about it, once the Squad weapons were taken out.  


Then more started showed up—this was around the time POV, a western-based PMC started fucking shit up more and more, so obviously they were using western weapons—don’t know if anything was actually changed significantly loot-wise, or if I just started to notice more and more of the western weapons.  Who knows.

And then when the traders were put in, it was a lot easier to get access to western stuff.  It doesn’t really ruin my immersion at this point any more than having a random mute person having access to seemingly infinite piles of weapons, ammo, and other supplies.  They’re just guns.  But as has been said previously here, the spawn rates for SCARs and FALs has been turned down, I believe as low as possible, and they’re no longer available at the trader.  So it evens out on that front at least.  

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  • Legend

No they really don't tbh, western weapons are fine in existence.

The issue is still the loot abundance caused by the trader system as well as the fact the .308 weapons bought in mass are still in circulation

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  • Administrator

The only real western weapon that bothers me excessively is the SCAR-H. It's such a niche gun that is issued very rarely to very certain groups of people. It feels out of place and its too common. Other than that I really have no issue with western weapons being in. It makes looting fun.

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  • Game Master

No more than any other interaction that I will have on the server really. Go in with low expectations and you'll be much happier.

Personally though, I think we should focus less on immersion and more on mechanical enjoyment. Things like removing certain guns, tweaking spawn rates further, making DayZ feel somewhat like a survival game again. Roleplay can be fun, gunfights are no fun anymore cause everyone (including me) is using 308 guns and nobody is gonna give them up cause the other guy has them, there's such an economy of abundance that it really only encourages people to start scrapping (which is unenjoyable) or hoarding.

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  • Diamond


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  • Diamond

Do i like the amount of those weapons and ammunition because of the trader? Mmmm no i don't. For me there is a lot of more immersion breaking stuff so the weapons are the smaller evil imo but one of the easily removable one. 

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Yes, western weapons 



Fact of the matter is we can split hair all day on what's immersive or not, but you roll with the punches, throw up your suspension of disbelief, and move on.

IF we're gonna be talking about how western weapons kill immersion or not, we need to start asking the larger lore based questions like the one I asked above.

It all breaks immersion, especially given the storyline we're dealing with now, but the fact of the matter is there would be plenty of western weapons in circulation as well, especially given the past with the civil war and shit, typically speaking insurgent groups, rebellions, militias, they don't have the option of staying exclusive to a certain weapon type, NATO weapons are widely available throughout the world and have been for decades because of how arms dealers have worked, the amount of NATO weapons the US and other countries would send in to help insurgents/militia's raise up against their government, ect.

There are some decent explanations for why Western Weapons would be around, no it doesn't land completely but then again most things on this server don't if you try to approach them realistically.

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  • Diamond

no, thats like saying do gates the clip through walls ruin your immersion, there are bigger fish to fry then removing an M4

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  • Lore Master

People not PKing is ruining my immersion, not weapons. 

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  • Emerald

The large amount of SCARS are the problem for me and also the trader but thats never going to get removed 

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  • Sapphire
Posted (edited)

Greetings roleplayer dapplin15, 

My last post was deemed unnecessary, therefore I thought I would make another more constructive post. To answer your question, "Do western weapons kill immersion?" I personally believe they do not. I think it makes perfect since there would be western weapons/gear in Chernarus after seeing Kalyri's post and re-reading the DayZRP server's current lore. To add to my last post, which is no longer available to be read, I stated "I'd rather watch people ramp cars then worry about gun immersion. My opinion I guess." I said this because instead of focusing on something little like a weapon, it would make more since to look at the bigger immersion breaking things. I do want to say I usually don't have a problem with most immersion breaking things, because as Elmo stated, my expectations aren't very high. As well as this is in fact, a video game. That is the reasoning why I feel western weapons do not kill immersion. 

Source: Myself, DayZRP lore, Elmo, Kalryi

Have a great day, 

Signed Colt

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  • Diamond
Posted (edited)

Honestly, I'd like to see more Western weapons like MP7s and M4s. It gives groups different looks. It really helps create a stronger presence of group individuality

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I don't think it ruins the immersion and I'm pretty sure the majority of people wouldn't get mad or annoyed at the weapon they have because of lore or realism.

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  • MVP

Having the western weapons IG doesn't ruin my immersion at all. I personally could care less. My character is just a transplant of Chernarus and it doesn't bother him how or why a shit ton of western weapons got there. There could be multiple reasons why these weapons would appear in Chernarus, ranging from gun runners to lone wolves whose grandfather's passed them down the weapons.  

To be honest the only thing that ruins my immersion is having a group of people wearing unicorn pool floaties doing the cha-cha slide in the middle of the street, that's what grinds my gears 😉 .

But at the end of the day it never crosses my mind what gun another person is carrying.

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