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Appeal - Invalid Kill ( Roleplayed )


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Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Here is the glorious report that caused this punishment.

Why the verdict is not fair: Alright gamers, after analyzing the video and being really careful, checking it frame by frame to see if the staff team could have missed something, my great report lawyers helped me to find a very quick frame. Although we didn't provide a proper consequence to our initiation which still makes it somewhat invalid. These gamers clearly understood what happened and reacted immediately. The initiation is dropped at around 0:02 in this video and somewhere between 0:03 and 0:04, fellow roleplayer turns around briefly aiming his gun at us. Judging by the next few frames, he definetly lowered his gun immediately. In my opinion, the evidence being provided could change a lot on the original verdict.

Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: image.png.a5dad1a4c4a9114bc79eeccc753e5ed2.png

This happens in a frame on the video ( 0:03 - 0:04 ) where we can see the gamer that created the report briefly aiming the gun at us which is where all the shooting begun. This same gamer also said in his report:"Dident even aim my gun I just kept screaming OKAY OKAY STOP SHOOTING and they kept on shootings us." This proves atleast one thing: And that is he DID aim the gun which is why we started blasting.

Now check this out gamers. The very first bullet fired that hit the ground was right after that. I wonder why!

Edit to add important information: This is when the first bullet hits, right after the previous picture in this post where he aimed the weapon. To also give some clarification about the gamer running, we took that as non-compliance because for obvious reasons, that is not something you do when you have three angry chernarussians aiming guns at you. Feel free to check on the video provided by the victim that the timestamps are valid.

What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Judging that my ban will expire in a day and four hours from now and these investigations can take longer than that. Most likely points reduction/removed.

What could you have done better?: Force the man initiating to give a consequence with my psychic powers so he would scream "Put your hands up or you will be shot!"

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Greeting @Timberwolf,

After reviewing your claim of the OP from the original report aiming his weapon at you provoking you to shoot. We being me and @Inferno have concluded that the OP is not aiming his weapon at you, he is instead unjamming his weapon. Which in the single frame you picked out looks slightly like he is aiming, but we can assure you he is not. You can also see at the beginning of the video he is already going through the animation, to unjam his weapon, solidifying the fact he is not aiming at you and just unjamming his weapon.


Signed @Realize @Inferno

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