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meet Bruce my old dearest friend

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hello everyone its Niko, Im fine thanks for asking Jks my english is getting much better by reading books even tho i hate books something about them are to weird for me, anyways i was walking down past gorka earlier today and i met my old friend Bruce he was alive but he was still kicking about, he's a zombie.. I played about with him for a little while letting him chase me whilst blood was dripping from my finger as I pricked it so he could smell it lmao as the sun faded and I was getting bored I wanted to head back to my base as I was pretty hungry and Im not being funny a little tired aswell i said my goodbyes to my old family home said a few words for my dearest mother and hoping that all this virus chaos will be gone anyday now and i can enjoy a nice beer with the fellow people ive met on the waist land, anyhow i had to take care of my dearest friend Bruce i dont want him biting innocent people as they walk through gorka some may be my friends and i could never forgive myself i hope everyone is staying safe out their and not getting into too much trouble stay safe and stay alive [ this is a photo of Bruce after i took his lonely and sad life god bless his sould] im sorry the quality of the photo i have a very old camera 


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