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[Chernarus] The Return


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  • Emerald

Antonio picks up his radio and speaks

"E seppellire lassù in montagna"
"O bella ciao, bella ciao, bella ciao, ciao, ciao"
"E seppellire lassù in montagna"
"Sotto l'ombra di un bel fior"

There is a pause before he says

"So, where were we?"

Transmission end.

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  • Emerald

Antonio's voice comes through once again

"Yeah, i don't actually speak Italian Amigo."

"I've just heard that song one too many times, sorry to ruin your picnic"

"Que tengas un buen día"

Transmission end

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Gustavo press the PTT button with a sharp smile on his face


"The bad news is you don't speak Italian.

The good is that I won't have to talk to a punk-communist guy who loves old-fashioned folk songs.

Stammi bene amico"

He release the PTT button.

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  • Titanium

*The French-Canadian voice comes up on the radio*

"Oh so we are speaking other languages now? Comment vous trouvez ça que je vous parle en français hein ? Vous comprenez fuck all non ? Good. Pour ceux qui comprend le français, bonne journée hahaha !" 

*The radio cuts has the man chuckles shortly. *

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