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Some Ideas! and things, I would love.


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Hello! I just wanted to say some things, and give a little bit of feedback on things I personally enjoy, and that I think could be neat to see. 

I realized that for me, a big part of wanting to log in to the server, is immersion. Feeling like your wandering in a desolate and lonely hostile land. With a great deal of focus on the interpersonal relationships between characters, how small events can have long lasting consequences, or just are neat things to remember. For instance! Evin now carries a knife she got in namalsk from a friend, has changed her weapons from hunting to far more military in style. She has become a lot warier and cautious. She wears a poncho! because she met some religious people who used that to identify each other, and pays homage that way...I probably give bad examples but, the point is that my character has evolved and changed naturally over time, just from random encounters, and generally how things have affected her. Events that she had no control over, or was not even involved in have shaped her path and others paths. For me that is the second most exciting and satisfying thing about roleplay on this server. Its lovely.

There are some things though, that for me personally at least. I desire intensely to see.

1) Dark Night times. For me, some of the most vivid memories I have on dayz, is huddled in the dark. Hearing things, and people moving around. Hearing shots off in the distance in what is essentially. Near or actual pitch black darkness as it is in real life. Or huddled around a campfire, looking into the dark and feeling watched. Or alone in the woods at night by a campfire...I do strongly feel that without truly oppressive darkness at night, that dayz loses a key part of its atmosphere. Fearing that the night will come, and having to deal with the challenge of not being able to see very well, or at all. I belive also in regards to the second thing I love in rp. Is that I think the dark will bring great opportunities for roleplay. Be it bypassing people who are searching for you in pitch dark, with searchlights. Or seeing lights off in a distance and wondering if to approach or not. Or gathering with a group in the dark around a campfire to share it...And most of all, just being afraid of what could be out there is a key part of the game I feel. Are there bandits? Hordes of ghouls? Wolves?...Or in namalsks case, worse things! ^^. That -ambient- fear that true darkness brings, I feel is a missed opportunity in regards to roleplay and the wonderful atmosphere of the game. And I would dearly wish to see it come back.

Some ideas I had on how to implement that, if people are really against having dark nights. Is maybe to have a truly pitch black night once every 3 nights. One full moon night. and one night where its dark but you can just about see. Or. having every night be pitch black, but not last very long. I feel like that would be a decent compramise. But personally I would just love it dark all the time ^^.

2) Ghouls! I feel that in dayz, that its always been a bit of a missed opportunity with the zombies. It is a zombie game after all, but the zombies themselves? Are not -especially- threatening. They are in large numbers, and in terms of wearing you down over time, and punishing mistakes...But. For me? I remember back in the mod, when zombies had a chance to break your leg on hit. Nearly a death sentence for most people. I feel very passionately about making the zombies harder, in a realistic way such as having them have a high chance to bleed on hit. Having a chance to break legs for instance. I personally do not mind super zombies either, but generally I would enjoy seeing the average zombie being...Far more dangerous to tangle with...Maybe giving them sight vision that is equivalent with most predators in game. So they can see you across fields, or hear you with even the slightest of noises you make. Track you very easily. But of course this is just me rambling a little but. so here are some suggestions on what I think could be neat.

1) Increasing the detection radius vastly. 2) Respawn timers to be nearly instant. 3) Zombies having a chance to instantly cause other zombies to spawn nearby if they see you, with their groans! 4) A percentage chance to break legs on hit. 5) High chance to bleed on hit. 6) making the zombies no longer have aggro sounds, or animations, so instead they just bolt at you if alerted. Yelling only to alert nearby zombies. 7) Most important of all in my mind, giving zombies the ability to open/break down doors that are not locked. Doors are too strong a barrier to them I feel and shouldn't be I feel.

Anyhow! these are just some dreams of mine. Horrible horrible dreams. Generally speaking? I am pretty happy with dayzrp. Infact its some of the best time I have had in roleplay, even if a bit rough around the edges. Its immersive as heck with lovely and interesting people in it, story and atmosphere. But for me? These are the things I look for, and silently wish to see. Hope this was helpful or interesting. love evin.

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I'm sorry to say this has been up in the past, and I'm still against it.
First of all, Darker nights do prevent RP when moving around in the open.
Tuffer infected maybe if the devs don't make them into bullet sponges.
I would not mind if they hit harder, but don't give them more HP.

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I would really like tougher zombies I think that it would add a good amount of RP from the danger that's presented. For example going into a big city to loot you maybe need a planned route also make sure to count ammo and even need more people to do it. The darker nights part sounds like it would be better for RP however I think it would make it kind of hell to actually play in the super dark. That just me though. 

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I do agree with Darker Nights some times, I believe @Roland even suggested trying a thing to make it work once every few days I believe. His POV will be solid.

13 minutes ago, Evin Foster said:

2) Ghouls! I feel that in dayz, that its always been a bit of a missed opportunity with the zombies.

I think this falls under the limitations DayZSE has currently. Not many other infected types yet.


13 minutes ago, Evin Foster said:

1) Increasing the detection radius vastly. 2) Respawn timers to be nearly instant. 3) Zombies having a chance to instantly cause other zombies to spawn nearby if they see you, with their groans! 4) A percentage chance to break legs on hit. 5) High chance to bleed on hit. 6) making the zombies no longer have aggro sounds, or animations, so instead they just bolt at you if alerted. Yelling only to alert nearby zombies. 7) Most important of all in my mind, giving zombies the ability to open/break down doors that are not locked. Doors are too strong a barrier to them I feel and shouldn't be I feel.

Hell no. Sorry, I would love that as a challenge but considering a # of people are experiencing random client freezes due to excessive loading of items in the world, such as myself, I can get a sudden client freeze for 5 seconds or so, if the infected of this caliber catch me while I freeze, it's kaput for me and others. So I will break down what is nice to have from this :

- 1 : Detection is already well made, some cities they are hyper sensitive and you can already get like 6 on you, no need for that one.

- 2 : Not a good idea, we had this back in the past and was a disaster to both players and server.

- 3 : That is already a thing, but its rarely triggered. I had one infected scream and got two more

- 4 : Not really realistic for normal walkers, if the ones that crawled down at your legs back in 0. days were still here, yes, that could've been nice.

- 5 : idk bout this one chief.

- 6 : No. Already you can have infected chase you if you get heard, if we got 0 noises, that would cause a big issue.

- 7 : Not possible due to DayZSE limitations.


8 minutes ago, Aron73 said:

First of all, Darker nights do prevent RP when moving around in the open

No it does not. Carry a flashlight.


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Some solid suggestions, some have been discussed in the past and either tried and reverted(zombie/AI damage/health) or entirely turned down(darker nights).

Unfortunately DayZ is still a quite underperforming game with lots of issues in the AI department. The performance is bad, the hit detection and AI pathing is worse. You can't realisticly have loads of infected in an area without draging the FPS down into the teens.

Damage and health can be adjusted yes and it has been done to some degree(sprinter/tank zombies ex. do exist) but it's not recieved overly positive on the server it seems. Most people are in fact leaning more towards removal of infected instead...weird.

As for changes to the AI behaviour, that's probably not going to happen. Some is hardcoded, other things could be changed but is a lot of effort and need to override vanilla classes.

The opening doors, as cool at it would be, wont ever happen in DayZ.

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13 minutes ago, Pepsi said:



No it does not. Carry a flashlight.


That's not what I did mean. I do sneak on people from time to time and wish to be able to see them without shining a flashlight in their faces.
Mikael is a cautious person, especially when he is in the open, and usually do try to find out what kind of people he sees before talking to them and yes, I know there is night vision, but I can't even remember the last time I did see one of them.

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-1 for both. Was tried before and was simply annoying during rp with others.
I see a try for the night thing again but then i think about the rise of the nvg soldiers which i personally dont like mucho.
Maybe night with the option to vote !skip - then again it would be unrealistic to switch it on and off like a light. So, nah.


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While I dont think I would support darker nights I would really like to see longer nights. I have been on the server now for a few weeks and it seems as though night is almost non existent. Like OP and others have said nighttime does provide some additional RP benefits but there is a sweet spot between pitch black and the extremely bright nights. I have mixed feelings on the infected as well. Making them so dangerous could damage RP experiences in certain situations. Some bases are set up near larger infected spawns and constant attacks would probably get old very quickly. That being said I would not mind seeing increased spawns in certain areas such as military loot locations or larger cities although im not sure how that would affect server performance.

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I would like see night time be darker and also last longer, or at the very least just last longer, theres a lot of cool RP that could happen when darkness falls, but with night cycle being so short IG you may as well just make it 24/7 day.

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No and no and.... 



We have tried tougher infected and they became very annoying and a pain in the ass to deal with. People fought long and hard to put them back to vanilla standards. Their AI is trash and not worth dealing with. 

Pitch black nights are a maybe if it was every so often but it does interfere with RP. Maybe as a special event OR make the days longer, then sure. Otherwise, keep it as is.

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  • Administrator

I'll say it again that I'm fond of the idea of the infected being actually dangerous instead of someone being able to get up on a car and shoot them all. Having infected actually be a threat instead of an annoyance would very much improve the setting of the server. As it stands right now people don't see them as a threat and just as a nuisance which is the opposite of what we should strive for. If you want a zombie apocalypse, the zombies need to be a threat.

As for darker nights, yes, but not pitch black. I'd like NVG's to actually have a use, as it stands right now seeing at night is no issue even with the naked eye and no electricity for miles around. 

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Darker nights is a definite +1. Make people use all those handy light-source items we have available, give em some use for once.


As for zombies, honestly the only way to make them more dangerous is by adding something to them rather than just buffing / lowering a stat.  Is there a mod / way to have zombies give a chance of giving some new, horrible disease? That could deter most from running up and meleeing the crap out of whatever they find.

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I would love the darker nights back, that will make any of the night vision actually viable again.

The more dangerous zombies on the other hand can be done, but only really at military zones, where the juggernaut zombies can be. Staff members also do try to give active hordes now and again, but people don't like spending their ammo, on killing them.


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Thank you all for your responses! ^^ Though, I do wish to say that. I make the post really just as a personal feeling of what I myself would enjoy. I do appreciate that my masochism is probably not everyone's cup of tea x3. Also, ahh...when I say these things. I actually do not have any real problems per say with how things are right now. I enjoy it just as much. These are more just itches I feel to be scratched. I do little things in rp to try and make it harder, atm I am trying to deliberately force myself not to close doors on zombies ^^ pretending they can just knock them down and things. Among other things...So, just to be clear Im a bit of an nut case ^^.

I would like to say though, I agree. zombies, while I dont mind the super zombies. I would preferer them being more dangerous. Damage wise, or debilitation wise, than health. I feel like the hp of the zombies was never a issue, Its how damn hard they are to shoot in a panic, and when charging at you is the real threat. *nods sagely* So no worries there really. And actually I think thier AI is very impressive. In general, the Ais we have are very impressive I feel...But yas, that was just a bit of a pipe dream for me. because insane. *nods gently* Although!...I really do feel that truly dark nights, like they are Irl. where it can get utterly pitch black...Just adds so much to a horror experience. Simply lighting your way with a flare, or a torch, is so nerve wracking to me. And! I generally feel that, there are plenty enough sources of light in game, and not to mention time to prepare them. To make it so, a truly dark night would be both managable and immersive...To be honest also. I would not mind something of a compramise as I mentioned, where 1 in 3 nights are dark. and the others, Light, or semi dark...But anyhoo, thank you for responses. *nods* Certainly interesting to see what others think on the matter.

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Dark nights are chad but stronger infected are literally awful.

I don't care what you're sick with, I shouldn't need to shoot you in the head more than once with a .45. Zombies are always only gonna be an annoyance to anyone that isn't a fresh spawn. Buffing their damage would be horrible because the zombies in this game sprint around in circles like 7 year olds on crack and constantly hit through blocks. I feel like this would only harm civilian RPers and compel everyone to carry an AR and spray down all the infected in every town they enter since pistols are virtually useless against buffed zombies. It could be argued that it would be more realistic, but it's a monotonous kind of realism that no one wants forced on them. The only way I could see zombies being buffed is higher numbers as it would be consistent with the lore but I don't feel like that would be kind to our friends in the community with weaker PCs.

That and no one wants to have to constantly maintain their clothing after every zombie encounter, that shit is annoying.

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Darker nights would be cool if only those could alternate like once every 2/3 bright nights, but since that was deemed impossible in another suggestion thread then I'll vote against it.

Having darker nights overall would tank people from playing during the night time and just wait for daylight to pop up.


As for the zombies, they are good as they are, albeit suck ass, but yeah, Bohemia truly put their effort into them I guess...

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