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No time to comply

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Server and location: S1 West of Novaya

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2021-03-31, 05:30

Your in game name: Destin Ubuskes

Names of allies involved:  Johnny Taylor,  Michael Jobin, Sofia 

Name of suspect/s: Don't know their names 

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): 

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot):  No video sadly as my computer would die

Detailed description of the events:  I heard my friend Johnny say there are a lot of infected over here and I thought he had already jumped into the base we were at. I then jumped in to see if I could help him with the infected. Turns out he was saying the infected were behind the base. So I was trapped in the compound. Me and my friends were wearing Floaties because they looked really nice on our characters and we were trying to match, needing only one more to match so I looked around, I found two floaties to my surprise and started to toss them over to my friend thinking the owners wouldn't miss them or if they caught me I could gladly roleplay and talk myself out with them. I was jumped up on one of the trashcans as a car rolled up, and was looking at my friends. They dropped initiation, and that startled me so I backed up. Falling to the ground I was stuck in the animation where you character kinda fumbles a bit and was instantly shot from one of the people inside. I would have gladly thrown my hands up and roleplayed it out. I would have loved to have the attempt to maybe get into a pvp action with them. But seeing how this man looked at me jump off the trashcan and be stuck in the animation then instantly killing me, I am very disappointed in the player that he was so quick to the trigger pull, especially since he clearly saw me stuck in the animation. Hopefully the attacking party will have some video to review, or even my companions. I do know @Realize said he was watching me Raid their base.

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Michael Jobin here. There isn't a lot I can say for this situation. We heard Johnny starting to shoot zombies, we thought that he was inside the base so Destin jumped in then got stuck. While Destin was trying to get out of the base, Sophia and I went to the gas station next to the base to grab gas since our Ada was running very low. We drove back to the front of the base, one of the Transporter showed up with a Sarka, got out, said something like "Oh hey" then dropped an initiation. Sophia and I instantly got our hands up while Johnny got his gun out and got dropped. As for Destin, he was inside the base so I didn't see anything...
Sadly, I don't have video evidence since I didn't think this situation would end up in a report...

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After talking it out with the person that shot me, we chalked it down to no video evidence, and probably my game lagging to cause me to fall off the trashcan. IF you could id love for the report to be closed, thank you for your time!

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Greetings @Solar Eclipse,

The staff team has discussed your request to close this report and have decided to allow the request to close the report. Though there are a couple of things that we want to say about the reported situation.

For the accused party it can be a frustrating sight to see people raiding your base. Dropping an initiation is a good option to stop the raiders, but the people initiating need to make sure that they are giving the other party enough time to comply and give reasonable demands. If you see someone lagging out, stuck in an animation and therefore not physically able to comply, then you have to think twice before pulling the trigger.

With that being said,

//Report closed

Signed: @Basko, @Dingle and @Hofer.

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