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Server time (UTC): 2023-06-03 11:48

S1: 4.8 (griefing) - 2021-03-30, 20:59

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Server and location: Chernarus(Sever 1), Berezino pub in an apartment building

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME):  2021-03-30, 20:59

Your in game name: Ester Kaska

Names of allies involved: None

Name of suspect/s: Destin Ubskes @Solar Eclipse and Darko Cibulec @VolraSlava

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): No idea

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Just a Screen shot and eye witnesses

Detailed description of the events: I got up and found my lockers pretty empty today. I found my lock in my locker and just shrugged. I went down stairs and found out that my gate was completely gone and I was told OCCly ( @AlwaysGamer ) that is was Destin who blasted my gate open (just cause he had a satchel charge). He and  I was fine with it at first till I went back upstairs and found my gun on the ground. I no for sure I didn't drop this tiny pistol. I had already assumed he'd taken it, but I did not expect it to be laying there, ready to disappear forever if I hadn't gotten on sooner. 4.8 Griefing is the rule they had broken (or at least one of them). I don't know how long my door has been open, so it's possible it was someone else that left my things on the ground, but it would be nice to know about it.

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Here's my perspective. 
Myself, Sophia @beatbapple669 , Destin and Darko (I think Johnny @Colt was there too but I'm not entirely sure) were hanging out at the bar when Destin starting fucking around with a satchel charge. He wanted to use it so he found Ester's place and, for a good 5 to 10 minutes RP with the satchel charge by playing with the wires, the buttons and whatnot, with the help of a soundboard I think? Then, he eventually set the satchel charge and blew the gate. Destin and Darko went in for I wanna say less than 10 minutes? I didn't go inside since I wasn't for it ICly. Sophia also went inside but got out less than a minute later so I doubt she's the one who did it. I didn't see what they were doing in her house since I stayed outside.
After Sophia got out of the building, we walked away and Darko and Destin joined back with us a few minutes later. I logged off not long after cause I had classes. That was I believe around Noon EST? So a good 5 hours ago. So, it might have been someone else that went in her place later on and dropped everything because I do believe that it would've despawned after that long.

P.-S. : Sorry Destin but I had to say it was you since there is a possible rule break...

Edit : I don't have any video or screenshots as proof. I didn't except a simple raiding to end up in a report. 

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Connection Logs:


15:58:11 | Player "Destin Ubuskes" is connected
19:59:05 | Player "Destin Ubuskes" has been disconnected

15:58:11 | Player "Darko Cibulec" is connected
18:22:10 | Player "Darko Cibulec" has been disconnected

15:58:10 | Player "Sophia Sparks" is connected
19:08:55 | Player "Sophia Sparks" has been disconnected

15:58:28 | Player "Michael Jobin" is connected
16:22:05 | Player "Michael Jobin" has been disconnected

15:58:47 | Player "Johnny Taylor" is connected
16:43:58 | Player "Johnny Taylor" has been disconnected

Chat Logs:


16:03:20 | Chat("Destin Ubuskes"): *Opens the satchel*

Position Logs:


16:03:06 | Player "Destin Ubuskes" (pos=<11970, 9033.2, 54.0>) 
16:08:05 | Player "Destin Ubuskes" (pos=<11967, 9029.6, 54.1>) 

16:03:06 | Player "Darko Cibulec" (pos=<12015.4, 9047.3, 54.1>) 
16:08:05 | Player "Darko Cibulec" (pos=<11974.6, 9028.4, 54.0>)

16:03:06 | Player "Sophia Sparks" (pos=<11968.9, 9032.9, 54.0>) 
16:08:05 | Player "Sophia Sparks" (pos=<11972.3, 9031.0, 54.0>)

16:08:05 | Player "Michael Jobin" (pos=<11971.7, 9032.7, 54.0>) 

16:08:05 | Player "Johnny Taylor" (pos=<11973, 9036.7, 53.9>) 

Calling in the following people to post their Point of Views & any video evidence they may have:
@MrDolly | Ester Kaska | OP

@Solar Eclipse | Destin Ubuskes |
@VolraSlava | Darko Cibulec |
@beatbapple669 | Sophia Sparks |
@AlwaysGamer | Michael Jobin | POSTED
@Colt | Johnny Taylor |

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Hello @MrDolly,

This one item does not constitute griefing.

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Signed @Realize @Basko

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