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Antonio's Tape Recorder


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Antonio presses down the record button and speaks.

"Fuck, Fuck, Fuck, Fuck, Fuck...."

"Why did i do it? Why did i leave Hector? Why did i run off? Was i scared???"

"I didn't want to die... Mi primo.... Mi Familia...."

"Padre would've found me... I had to go, but i left everyone in danger..."

"Fuck i'm selfish...."

A heavy sigh is heard before he speaks again

"God, i hope they will understand..."

"What can i possibly do to make this right? I can't... That simple..."

"I never wanted this, it's not the cocaina doing this anymore..."

"This is me.... i made that choice knowing fully well what would happen if i came back.."

"But here i am, not just a horrible cousin or friend."

"I'm a traitor to everyone, this might be where it ends... But i hope i can be forgiven again..."

"I want my family back, and if they take me in after everything i've done..."

"Then i won't leave again... I can't..."

"I don't deserve them..."

He stops the recording and packs the tape recorder away.

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Antonio puts in another cassette tape and presses record.
The sounds of a car engine can be heard, clearly he is inside a vehicle.

"I am the luckiest man alive.... No fucking way did i just survive that."

"Despite me doing all this shit, getting all these people hurt, letting my family get fucked over time and time again."

"Hector has given me not a second, but a third chance... Deebs was close to shooting me, and i don't blame her one bit."

"I majorly fucked up... And there's no excuse for me abandoning them..."

"Never again, i will not be the glass shards that cut my family's hands anymore."

"I'm not a puppet with strings attached like i thought i was, i was free and had my family by my side all along."

"I will not let you down cousin, and i pray to god i can make it at least a little bit better."

"I don't understand why they blamed Manuel though, i haven't even seen or talked to him in a long, long time..."

"Whoever that Russian guy was though, he made the mistake of going there and dropping my name."

"..... Luck has helped me alot so far and i feel like it's running out fast, so this is my only chance to show i'm here to stay."

"Until next time."

Antonio hits stop on his cassette player

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Antonio puts in a tape into the recorder and clicks down record, the first seconds the sounds of heavy breathing could be heard

"Hunting... Fuck me a hard task..."

"At least for an idiot like me, the fucking deer saw me coming from a mile away."

"Fuck... I promised i'd get food back to Mi Familia. What the fuck can i do now?"

"Another broken promise will probably result in broken bones, or finally my death."

"I haven't been back for a while, they might think i'm running off again... I should probably reassure them i'm still around."

"In any case, i heard over the radio that the CLF disbanded... Heh.."

"Anywho, right now i'm at Zelenogorsk... God this shithole brings back some memories."

"All this talk about Freedom, Peace and Unity... Who's gonna bring that now?"

"Fucking hell... I gotta get my hands on that Russian guy who hurt Deebs though, that puta will pay in blood for what he did."

"AWOL, Hector and Manuel seem to be the only ones interested even slightly in me sticking around. God bless their souls."

"Gotta go though, i gotta find some deer to kill."

Antonio presses stop and puts the cassette in his pockets

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Antonio inserts a new cassette tape and presses record

"Alright so, not much have been happening..."

"I'm starting to feel really hungry, and i want to go back to the warehouse..."

"Gotta find some food for them though, so i press on...."

"Right now i rely on the small amount of canned food i brought with me..."

"How the fuck am i gonna get through this alive?

Antonio stops the recording and continues

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