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Bloused or Blouseable variations of the Combat Pants


Bloused pants.  

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  • Emerald
Posted (edited)

Make the combat pants blousable or perhaps just a standalone variation of the pants. Honestly I'd be happy to pay for alternate variations of the combat pants that are bloused to really pull the military character look.

Edited by Padlock
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  • Administrator

Greetings @Padlock,

In order to abide by the rules while posting a suggestion, you need to add an unbiased poll to this suggestion thread.


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  • Emerald

My bad, Should be fixed now.

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  • Titanium

Gonna say yes to this, I wanna blouse my rastr pants but it's not possible right now, only cdf pants are bloused because that camo is on the cargo pants.

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  • Emerald

I want those dark green ttsko pants be blousable so bad 😭

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