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TODAY | 2021-08-01 19:00:00 (server time) | Starts in 14 hours, 20 minutes | Nyheim City

Hello DayZRP Community

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Good Day to Everyone reading this

My name is Jeremy but most people online call me Bregy im a 16 years old German boy but am pretty skilled in English and Roleplay.

I hope everyone of yall is ok during these times and i wantet to say Hi im Obviously new here and hope i get some nice RP Experience on these servers.


Alltho it was short thanks for reading

hope yall stay healthy


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  • Sapphire

Hello, @Bregy Stardust. Welcome to DayZRP!

Good luck with your whitelist. Hope to see you on the server.

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  • Game Master

Moin Jeremy!

Welcome to the community. I want to wish you good luck with the whitelist process and I hope that you will enjoy it around here in the community.

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  • Emerald

Welcome to the community bro!

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  • Emerald

Hey man welcome to the community hopefully you enjoy your stay.

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  • Diamond

Hey Bregy Stardust! 😄

A super big welcome to the community and best of luck with your whitelist 🥳

I hope you enjoy your stay here with us in the community 😄


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  • Diamond

Welcome to the community Sir! Hope you will enjoy your stay. Stay safe and healthy by yourself and those around you!

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Welcome to the community!

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