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RocJag’s Editing Archive


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  • Diamond

I decided to make a thread showcasing my journey through Premiere Pro. The more clips I’ve been making the better I’ve gotten at editing.

If someone wants a small edit clip (subtitles n’ shit) of them on DayZRP, message me with the clip and a meme or 2. Green screen preferred

Anyway, here’s the first clip I’ve ever made on the server


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  • Diamond

Soon after, I made my second video. I had changed the font and added a small black border to the subtitles. A lot of people were in this video when Jiggy got Gassed


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  • Diamond

During the last few weeks, I’ve had a lot of time to edit. When I was editing “Shut Up” I had realized that there was an easier way to have subtitles track players. I then gave each person in the video a different colored boarder around the text 


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