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Back after a year off

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Yooooo Im back,
I know no one knows or remembers me but, 
I remember Ronnie and Playing with the Potias cras guys
What happened to the good old ronnie I cant find him anymore, And The Potias cras guys are gone?!
What the hell is going on?!

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Welcome back Klogg! 😄

I hope you enjoy your time back on the server ^^ Feel free to check the timeline to see the recent goings on's 😄


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@Lettuce I just checked the timeline out, I left at 28,12,2019 so apparently when I left the server, The apocalypse had not begun yet 😄
What happened did the lore change?!

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Welcome back bwo!

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5 hours ago, Klogg said:


There was a lore wipe last Summer, and I assume the bloke you're looking for is @RonnieLR

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Welcome back Klogg!

There has indeed been a lore wipe. Everything that happened before you left is not part of the current lore anymore. Make sure to give the new lore a read so that you have a good idea of things that have changed. Hopefully you will have a good time around here.

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Welcome back to the community.

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                                                                                                                               Happy Pop Tv GIF by One Day At A Time

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Posted (edited)

>Potius Cras




Welcome back!

Edited by Faygo
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