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Lore question


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  • Sapphire

Question is more so directed at the LM'S New and old, currently updating my CP and gonna go in depth more with my character and speak about the riots and protests that were held against the russian goverment in Chernarus, however im struggling to find any lore to do with this.. will i just make some stuff up on the spot or is there actually lore about it that i just cant find, if there is some can you link/type it to me? many thanks xx

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When it comes to the riots after the installation of the "Russian government" there isn't actually anything written in detail about it. You are free to come up with your own detail when adding to your backstory as long as it's nothing too big or that has other implications such as storming some government buildings. As long as you keep the riots described to a small to medium scale and decide to go in detail over the usual situations you would see in a riot such as clashing with the local authority forces, chants, a few fights, some crowd dispersion tear gas being thrown etc. you should be all good.

Let me know if you need more clarification on it.


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