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[Chernarus] [Open] South Zagoria PSA: Beware the Gas

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For a moment, the radio waves of South Zagoria are silent. Not with static, but pure, utter silence, as a truly powerful signal blasts its way through the airwaves. After a short time of utter silence, an Irish-accented voice begins to speak. Gentle, it was pleasing to the ear.

"Attention South Zagoria. This is a collaborative message on behalf o' a variety o' groups an concerned individuals regarding tha' sudden resurgence in gas attacks. Each speaker presented on this message was chosen randomly, an any continuing messages will be chosen in a similar manner, as a means to espouse unity, an to combat any attempts at identifying important individuals among those countering the efforts of this shadowy collective. In tha following moments, we will go over tha' effects o tha' gas, tha' actions o those who deployed it, how ya can protect yerself', identify tha severity o yer injuries from tha gas, and directions to those who are equipped to help."

There is a pause, ended with an audible 'click', followed by the voice of a distinctly Chernarussian-accented man. There was a certain authority in his voice, with confidence and a tinge of grit. 

"Four days ago, a helicopter crashed in South Zagoria. Reports from varying sources, both those directly involved in what occurred, and from afar, indicate that the helicopter was shot down and crashed in an open field. A large conglomerate of survivors from several groups who shall remain unnamed to protect their identities, approached the helicopter in a disorganized fashion. A gas was used in an attempt to fend off the interloping survivors, resulting in 14 casualties of the non-fatal or impeding variety. Fire was exchanged, and while several members of the crew of the helicopter were killed, some escaped with the onboard cargo."

"The next day, an attack was mounted at the hospital in the school of Novaya Petrovka. The men, geared in pure black NBCs with NATO-aligned weaponry, held up the doctors and others present, before being routed by reinforcements from nearby groups. All agents were killed with minimal casualties. These men were there for records and any research done on the gas and it's effects on those affected by it, but retrieved nothing, as there were no sensitive materials to be found on site."

"The third day, yesterday, another attack was mounted on the hospital. Similar to the prior incident, but the squad of assailants nearly successfully extracted with people they believed to be paramount to the rising effort to oppose them and the research of their chemical weapons. They were hunted into the woods around Novaya Petrovka, and slain, at the cost of one of the hostages."

Again, another pause, and another click. The next voice was that of an American woman, gentle yet firm in her speech.

"The gas, while initially identified as the previously deployed variety known as F-13, has since been recognized as a separately developed, if vaguely similar type. Preceded by the smell of rotten eggs, this based off of an as-of-yet unidentified fungal organism. It is capable of attracting sizable herds of infected, reminiscent of F-13, but it's toxicity is vastly improved upon and significantly more complex. Length of Time of Contact with the gas determines the severity of injuries, which are mitigated by covered skin, PPE, and gas masks. The lightest symptoms are blisters which can be treated and minimized in discomfort by anti-bacterial washes, and breathing trouble, which as long as it is not severe shall subside over the course of days. The second factor decreases or increases depending on if one is wearing a gas mask or not. A manic episode is known to occur in a handful of individuals, signified by a violent desire to be left alone, or at the very least, kept at a distance. This is usually followed by short unconsciousness. The affected individual will usually regain consciousness shortly after. Should these episodes continue, alongside blisters resulting in the peeling of skin and severe breathing issues, it is highly recommended to seek medical aid if at all possible. Cordis Aido of Novaya Petrovka is the most able-bodied fit to deal with injuries as a result of the gas, but smaller clinics are being established elsewhere. "

After the woman's speech is done, yet again a click occurs.
 The next voice was of a Finnish accented man, with fire and urgency, but not at the expense of pronunciation or elegance.



"While PPE and covered skin will protect to a limited degree against the Gas, hereby known as F-14 for the sake of ease-of-communication, it's highly advised instead that if you are forced to interact with the gas for anything more than a few seconds, that you wear an NBC suit, of the highest quality and ensured to be chemically sealed. It is also advisable for you to ensure your Gasmask is of a more modern variety, preferably with chemical filters, and an avoidance should be had of old soviet GP-5 gasmasks for other health issues, but ultimately any should suffice. As we continue to examine things we will be releasing further, more advanced details on how to properly work within F-14 saturated environments."

After the last message, a fifth click, perhaps indicating that a person was manually switching between these recordings? A fifth voice, and the last, was of another Chernarussian, this one distinct from the first by a certain cold, distant yet vaguely jovial tone.

"The truth is, South Zagoria, we are up against an unknown threat. Like P.O.V and it's machinations before, we are operating in the dark. This is an enemy with unknown resources, unknown motives, and most importantly, unknown location. They seem to be able to strike at any time within the country, and it should be expected they'll likely be broadening their targets now, with the widespread dissemination of this PSA, as well as multiple redundant-yet-tactically-efficient undertakings to study the gas, it's effects, and proper measures against it spread throughout the country. I do not wish to invoke fear or worry in you. The groups working against this foe are a plethora of varied talents, with highly skilled fighters and specialized engineers and medical staff in abundance. We cannot meet them with pure, raw industrial might, but we have the know-how and the drive to counter their efforts. We will meet them in battle and every new weapon they employ, we will subvert. However, it is obvious from the existence this message that there are those not 'in the know'. Those who have been unable, unwilling, or otherwise incapable of supporting the effort against this enemy. No shame should be given for those who fear for themselves and their loved ones. But, encouragement as it is, is all the same. We ask that all inhabitants of South Zagoria, man or woman, young or old, foreign or native, come together in the face of this insidious threat. These unknown assailants, who stare upon this country as if it were their personal playground, regard the survivors of South Zagoria as savages, subservient to the whims of uncaring, malignant gods of emotionless science and pure human cruelty. We fight each other, in the name of doing what we believe is right, with conviction. Inter-group conflicts and skirmishes are nothing new, but they are our fights, for our land. These interlopers have no place in our home, that we carved from the bloodied hands of the Infected. It is our right, and our right alone, to determine the destiny of this place. Join us. We are many people with many names. We are your neighbors, your friends, your enemies, but we are still yours, in the end. Let us come together in the name of a future for South Zagoria, one forged by those who call it home. You will never be alone in this fight.

This message shall repeat on loop across varying frequencies at random intervals, throughout the country, to prevent effective jamming. Add your voices if you're so brazen. It is likely that these same individuals will hear this broadcast.
We hope they appreciate the quality of production.

One final moment of silence, before the message fades away bouncing between towers and frequencies like a virus, sometimes playing on multiple simultaneously, yet other times unable to be found on any of them.

// credits to @Niveous , @Panda, @NinjaGriffon, @IrishSailor for additional voices.

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