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From Berezino


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*Ivan presses down the PTT* 

"Ahoy South Zagoria. I have come on the radio to apologize for cooperating with the anarchists. They came into the bar after we helped attack them in Pusta and told us we needed to move to Lopatino where they wanted to build their community, otherwise they would burn our bar down and kill all of us. They insisted they wanted to keep an eye on us and wanted to make sure we no longer would assist any side but their own." 

*You can hear what seems to have been Ivan taking a swig from a glass bottle* 

"We set up a small bar in Lopatino and really never heard from them again besides having a standoff with them near Solnichniy. We stocked the fridges just in case they showed up. I had to make the unfortunate decision to corporate with their request to help keep my employees and my family safe. Like I had to do in the past when RAC forcefully removed us from Berezino or when the Russian Federation forced everyone to move to Chernogorsk. Although this move may have seemed selfish to keep my people safe, I never stopped helping the people that really mattered." 

*Ivan continues to speak* 

"We stopped charging most of the time for people that were in need of food and drink because we understand what times everyone is going through. We will continue to be there for people in South Zagoria in these trying times where infected seem to outnumber us all." 

*Ivan releases the PTT, but quickly presses it down again*

"And sure I may have cooperated with them so I didn't get a bullet to the back of my head, but I never.... and I mean never gave them money. I barely have money to stock my fridges so thanks for trying to throw me under the bus on that Sergei, fucking píča!" 

*Ivan releases the PTT and the radio goes silent* 

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Wynne would respond calmly, her tone even and sympathetic

As much as I always want to see people taking a stand for what they believe in, Ivan, I know what your position was and knew how isolated you were out there on the East Coast...That group...

She'd pause, searching for words

...For the first time, I thought Spero might not make it. It was as close as we've ever gotten to not making it. And we are fighters, when it comes down to doing what we think is right, we do fight for it. The war against the anarchists was the first glimpse of loss that Spero has ever really seen. At least on a large scale. I wouldn't wish that choice on anyone. Especially in your position. I'm not sure if there were any less of us, or if we were less seasoned, if we could have had a chance. I can only speak on Spero's perspective, here. But I can assure everyone that Ivan supported the right side in all the ways that he could without putting himself against the buzz saw. 

She'd pause again, her voice softening

You did what you had to do, Ivan. And your family is still standing. Thank you for all you've done.

She'd release the PTT

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