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Recovery (IC story)


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This is an IC story. All people who are apart of it had read it beforehand and agreed to be apart of this story.

Chameleon looks sternly at the man in front of him that is about to execute him and at the same time avoids to looks at Deebs, who he knows stands to his two O'clock.
"No fear." He thinks to himself, and for a moment, he can see a slight glimmer of uncertainty in his executioner's eyes just before the man squeezes the trigger on his AK.
Chameleon can hear several bullets hit the wall around him before the searing pain of some of them hitting him, and everything turns black.
"I guess that stupid priest was wrong. I can't see any light here." He mumbles to himself.
"That's because you're not dead yet." The voice comes from behind him, and he slowly turns around.
"If there is a god, what kind of twisted being is he to allow this suffering on us?"
"He was not the one doing this to mankind, it was your curiosity that did, and you know this."
"He could have warned us!"
"Sure, like when your father warned you not to walk on the roof, and here you are with a broken nose and a fractured arm. Maybe he did warn humanity, but you did not choose to listen."
Chameleon grinds his teeth, knowing this argument will not lead anywhere.
"Well, it looks like your friends get to keep you for a few more years. I'm sure I will see you shortly."
"Lie down, Chameleon. You will be fine." The Angelic priest says as he leans over him and Chameleon's legs go limp underneath him.
"What are you doing to me." He mumbles as the face of the older man blurs out and returns as Deeb's worried look.
"Take it easy, Chameleon, you will be fine. I'm just giving you something for the pain." Deebs says, looking at Chameleon's confused face.
"What happened?"
Before Deebs answers, Chameleon can feel all the to familiar pain of poison coursing through his veins as Deebs face turns to the face of Natalya.
Chameleon swiftly stands up next to his bunk bed and salutes.
"Private Chameleon! Last time I did check, we did NOT have exercises in bed! So why are you in bed!"
"This is not happening." Chameleon tells himself as he looks up at his superior, who seem to change to the faces of some of the people he once killed.
Suddenly his head twitches and a spray of blood and brain matter shoots out from his head before the shot can be heard.
Before he can react, he stands against the wall, but this time, his old and new friends lined up in front of him and fires.

Chameleon wakes up with a deep breath and looks around in the small cabin, and can see Deebs sleeping on the bed on the other side of the cabin.
Chameleon rolls over on his side and grunts slightly in pain as he does, and soon falls asleep again.

"This is an unofficial mission. You and the pilot is the only ones knowing about it and two men of your choosing."
Chameleon nods in acknowledgment as Mc'Bride moves some papers over the table with the familiar stamp "TOP SECRET" in red text on the folder.
Chameleon scans through the papers and some photos.
"This is not right." He mumbles to himself.
"It is what you want, to kill all the CLF."
"Yes, but it is not what you paid me to do."
"Does it matter? look what they did to me and you."
Chameleon turns around and can see Deebs before his knees buckles, and he falls to his knees in pain as three holes appear in his stomach area, and Deebs face changes to a beaten and battered one.
Chameleon wakes up with a poll and almost taking a swing at Deebs as she cleans his wounds.
"Sorry, sorry, I did not mean to hurt you." She says as she swiftly moves away.
"It was not you...Just a dream."
"So who is this Mc'Bride?" She asks as she kneels down again and continues to clean his wounds gently, and Chameleon can see her beaten face was not only in his dream.
"My God, what did they do to you?" Chameleon says as he gently strokes his hand over Deebs face.
"Don't worry about it. A lot has happened during your sleep." She says as she pulls away from Chameleon's touch.
"So back to my question." She continues.
"Someone I need to talk to you and Hector about when I can sort out fact from fiction."
"I guess he is the reason you here, right?" She says as she put some new bandages on him.
"Well, when you feel ready, you know where to find me. Hector is currently away, and I do not know for how long."
Chameleon can stop looking at Deebs and feels sorry for her as she gives him another shot, and he falls asleep again.

The following day Chameleon wakes up, and as he tries to get up from the mattress, he grinds his teeth in pain and notices a cane in the corner and grabs it. 
He leans heavily on the cane as he walks out of the small cabin.
He looks around and spots a small wooden chair on the porch, and sits down.
"I don't know if I should be worried or happy that you're up and walking," Deebs says as she comes around the corner.
"You have a wonderful cabin, but after a few days in there, it starts to feel pretty cluster phobic."
"That I can understand." She says with a light chuckle.
"So where are we? I expected to see the eastern cost."
"We are pretty far up north, and you're looking south right now. That's the only way I can describe where we are right now. Oh, yea, and that Severograd is off in that direction." She says as she points.

Several days later.
Chameleon slowly makes his way over to a tree and places a small paper on it.
He steps back about ten meters, leans the cane on the porch, and takes aim with both of his hands on the suppressed gun.
As he fires the first shot, he can feel a sharp pain from the recoil and grunts.
He regains his posture, and this time, he is prepared and fires another shot and can see the bullet hit the tree next to the one he aimed at.
"I think it's a bit early for that," Deebs says as she comes up behind him.
"I think your right." Chameleon mumbles as if he doesn't wish to agree.
"You know I'm not too bad with guns my self so why don't you let me take care of you and protect you for a while." She says as she gives Chameleon his cane and takes his .45.
Before Chameleon can answer, she fires one shot at the paper.
"Well, at least I don't hit the tree next to the target like you." She says with a teasing smile
"I guess you're better with a gun than I am for now." Chameleon says with a smirk as Deebs holsters his gun.
"Common sit down and enjoy nature while I'm checking those wounds."
"You know, when I talked to Hector about joining this group of yours, and yes, I do consider this your group or family. I did know you all would help all the family members and me but what you have done for me is beyond my expectations. I just wanted you to know that. I would be dead right now if it were not for you."
Chameleon looks straight forward at the chair, coming closer as the two of them walk but can still feel Deebs eyes on him.
"Thank you, Chameleon, but this will always be Hectors Familia." She answers after a short pause.
As Chameleon sits down in the chair, Deebs starts to take off his jacket and gently removes the bandages.
"This is healing nicely. You should be up and running soon again."
Chameleon looks down at Deebs and clenches his teeth as she gently applies some pressure around the stitches to see if anything comes out.
"I think we can pull the stitches soon." She mumbles to herself, still concentrated on what she is doing.

A Few days later
Chameleon slowly moves in the treeline and keeps a close eye on a CLF patrol walking down on the northern highway.
He recognizes a few of them and starts to develop a plan on how to take them all out with the limited gear he has gotten from his friends.
"If I only had a rifle, I could put this sniper scope on; I could take them all out." He thinks to himself but gets interrupted in his thoughts when one of them men drops a book and what looks like some papers in an over-filled container before moving on with his comrades at arms.
"Hmmm, maybe some useful info in that container." Chameleon thinks to himself and lets the patrol move out of sight before he quickly and silently moves over to the container.
He is both feeling happiness and disappointment when he spots his Diary and photos and not badly disposed of intel.
He looks over in the direction where the CLF patrol went and, for a moment, considering taking up the hunt but can feel the all too familiar pain from the not fully healed wounds and starts to move back to the cabin.

//The rest you all get to experience in-game have fun you all and stay safe out there

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4 hours ago, Aron73 said:

"I guess you're better with a gun than I am for now." Chameleon says with a smirk as Deebs holsters his gun in his holster.
"Common sit down and enjoy nature while I'm checking those wounds." She says as she holsters Chameleon's gun in his holster.

Good story pal! Can I recommend an edit though... As you can see in the quoted section above ^ Deeb's sure is busy holstering the gun in the holster lol. Not sure if she was meant to holster the weapon twice or not. Just figured I'd throw that out there 😃 . Good read though! 

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ops typo thx @EddieLR

There we go storry corrected

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