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Dynamic Events - Contracts / Mutants
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Events - Spawned Items [Staff Overseeing]


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Recently some feedback has floated around about the events occurring in game and it has brought a question to mind that I'd like the admin team to answer. Of course, GMs and other staff can weigh in but more specifically looking at @Hofer to respond as he is leading the LMs and the events.

What is being done to monitor the spawned in items of events? Of course, in previous ones Staggs and co were diligent to make sure all items were returned and handed back to them so that no spawned in items were floating around but I'm wondering who might be overseeing this all.
This question is raised in concern as abuse of tools has occurred in the past and myself and other community members would like to be reassured that people leading and monitoring the events aren't using bias with their friends and allowed spawned in items to remain on individuals who volunteer for the events.

Basically; are those volunteering for the events handing back their gear and is someone who is neutral within the community ie. like you Hofer. monitoring that no abuse or special privileges are given to certain individuals. 😃

Thanks for your time

- Curious Community Members.


edit: thankyou! Whitename also explained that everything is pretty thoroughly monitored! All that we needed to know 🙂 

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A Loremaster can answer better since they are the ones that actually do it, but I'm not 100 percent certain if they can post in ask the staff.

Anyway, as far as I'm aware the procedure involves dragging players to the Top Secret Staff Bunker, then having them shuck their roleplay gear into storage, get given a staff kit, and go do their thing. When events are finished, the event gear is shucked and returned to staff, and they get back into their regular gear before being returned into the wild.

If I'm wrong on this, I'm sure I'll get corrected by a red hat in the near future.



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What Rover says is true. This is done exactly the same way Staggs and co did it in the past.

We verify what has been done after the events via tool logs to make sure there's no abuse.

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