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S1: Killing a complying hostage NWAF 3/24/21 ~23:10


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Server and location: S1, North West Airfield ATC Tower

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): ~23:10 server time

Your in game name: Drew Williams

Names of allies involved: @Ushanka @Zomby @ContheTank @tripzkill @Griffin

Name of suspect/s: Logs will show, (CLF Possibly? Unsure)

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): @Ushanka has a clip of the incident but it does not show the killing of a compliant hostage.

Detailed description of the events: Logged in an hour or so prior to the incident to meet with the Apocalyptic Radio guys, after some RP at the airfield we moved to the ATC tower to start the broadcast. While we were setting up, several Chernarussians showed up. After a brief conversation, they leave but return moments later and initiate. I put my hands up, while the rest of our guys ran, only seconds later to hear a thump of a grenade launcher and most of us are wiped out.


To be clear, I am not reporting the deaths of my allies, only my own death as I was killed as I complied.

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After talking in help desk, I would like this closed.

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Greetings @JasonBR,

The staff team has discussed your request to close this report and have decided to allow the request to close the report. Though there are a couple of things that we want to say about the reported situation.

@The Preacher, for all hostile situations you need to give the opposite party enough time to comply. In this situation a grenade launcher was used as a weapon. This is one of the few weapons ingame where there is time between the shot and the impact or explosion. We want to stress that unless you are already in a firefight, where you are sure that there are only enemies in the area, this is a really bad weapon to use. Especially for an initiation. There is a big chance that wrong targets are hit or in this case, a shot gets fired at someone that was trying to comply. Had this report not been closed, there was a big chance that this report would have concluded in the accused party being found guilty.

Next time we want to advise the accused party to not use this kind of weapons again with an initiation. Also make sure that you are giving the opponents enough time to comply, make sure that the other party hears the initiation and then think twice about opening fire.

With all that being said,

//Report closed

Signed: @Basko, @Dingle and @Rover.

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