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More types of CBRN suits.

Adding more types of NBC/CBRN suits.   

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As in the topic, maybe consider adding more types of CBRN/NBC suits, in real life there's many of those, some well known other ones less, but looking at new threat that's present in game it would allow for more diversity between players. New types could also appear at new locations, so not only in military bases as it was till now, but also in Police Stations, Hospitals, fire stations and industrial areas. 

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Suggest a mod or other way of adding additional content to the server otherwise this thread wont lead anywhere as the server does not have devs availabe for this kind of addition.

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Misho on point per usual. Neither me nor Kerkkoh create models and textures, so without a mod link this suggestion is dead in the water. 

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Would be a good idea since there is only two types in game rn and it gets confusing when your looking for people who are wearing them so diff colors would be great +1

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I believe MassManyItems has a yellow suit with blue gloves, as well as another gas mask type, in the mod. However, I know that there are also items in the mod that may have caused issues in the past, so there might have to be some picking and choosing if we were to use the mod to get at the NBC suit pieces (and other non-buggy/non-crashy items).

Edit: Screenshot from the mod page.


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Adding more could benefit the roleplay on server!

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On 3/25/2021 at 6:01 AM, Reflex said:

I’ve found this not sure if this is the sort of things he means?



I suppose this one could be added during the event, to give more variety to the community, with the choice of NBC clothing.

@Roland Thoughts ?

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