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Tips and Tricks for surviving DayZRP

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Hey there WalterTheDog! 😄

A super big welcome to the community 🥳

I'd say base game wise if you are used to playing a normal dayz then the surviving via not dieing to zombies ( In character we call them infected ), getting food, water and firing guns should be pretty much the same as far as I am aware.

In a roleplay stand point though I would say have a look at this video underneath as even though its a little old, still very helpful I think! : ⬇️

Also read the rules as many times as you need for it to sink in, check on the forums for any guides that may help as well and feel free to poke any of the staff members with any questions you have! ⭐ If this is your first roleplay character, i'd say start small and simple so it's abit easier that way and then just build on them and develop as their story progresses In Character. Hope this helps ^^


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Hey WalterTheDog!

Congrats on making it through the whitelist! Welcome to the community and I hope you will enjoy it around here. What lettuce said will probably help you get going. Roleplay wise I always advise people to start out with relative normal civilian characters. Try to get to know people and see how roleplay develops.

Good luck and hope to see you around.

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