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Lore Event - "The Scientists"
TODAY | 2021-07-31 19:00:00 (server time) | Starts in 12 hours, 48 minutes | Nyheim City

Just bought Bronze

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For anyone who is at the back of the line at 15-25 in the whitelist, I have a recommendation for you. The bronze edition for the server is about 5 dollars for USD, and you imeditally go to the front of the line. Personally, I went from 25 to 3 so for 5 dollars I would say it is worth it. For those who are skeptical because it's 5 dollars, you spent about 12 dollars of minimum wage time filling out the questions so why not. You could not it's really your choice, just voicing my experience.

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I did the same thing when I was getting whitelisted. But I went to 1. It still took about 3 or 4 hours but it was worth it.

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