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Server time (UTC): 2023-06-03 11:36

BadRP, NVFL and Possible Powergaming


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  • Sapphire

Server and location: S1 Chernarus, North of NWAF

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME):  18:30 to 20:00 server-time

Your in game name: Damek Novaki

Names of allies involved: Jackfish, Nonplayer, Franny, MrDolly and CLF

Name of suspect/s: Sergei Krovo 

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any):  

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): My internet is very bad, I do have Video evidence and would like to show any GM+ in Help Desk instead of waiting 10+ hours uploading it

Detailed description of the events:

So me and my CLF boys were strolling Chernarus looking for unsuspecting victims and got radiod that a Russian, special forces + Police officer was in Novaya Patrovka. We move over there and set up in the nearby houses near the Police station, unfortunately I had to walk my dog and so the thing was delayed for 10-15 minutes. I come back to see @Franny and @MrDollytalking to him outside of the PD, I give the word to take him and 5+ CLF ran outside the buildings and we initiated on him, from the start I could already tell that he didn't like the situation he was put in Icly and Oocly, we took his radios and his weapons and began walking away with him. During this, @Jackfishwas incharge of talking to him and i was told he had enough of all this and twice told us to kill him on the spot because he wouldn't answer the questions, not fearing for his characters life, and he even told us Oocly that he was done with the RP once we had arrived at the location. During the interrogation we knew already that he was a Russian soldier by calling in @Frannyand @MrDolly to confirm his position, but also from Informants from ourselves and our Allies, because he'd already disturbed our allies before aswell. At this point, he was really done with it, he told us oocly that he once again, done with the RP and that we should "Just kill him and stop being dicks". At this point, we asked him for stuff such as a Chernarussian passport and a Chernarussian Police badge, when asked with roleplay scenarios if it was his with a "//is this true?" he simply responded to "//yes" or kept trying to make himself sound more Chernarussian icly and oocly.  So I walk away and leave @Nonplayerand @Jackfishincharge of the interrogation, I walk away to him being killed due to him disrespecting them once again.(At this point he possibly powergame'd his character to be more Chernarussian as we know he is Russian Icly and Oocly, we went over to his character page after he died to confirm it, and apparently he was all Russian. Even at one point he said "//You got the wrong man", trying to persuade us to think he wasn't actually Russian) 

During all of this, he showed no Empathy for his character and only responded with dull and dry comments, not even trying to roleplay with us at one point and just staying quiet. He did not register any hits we did towards him even if it was actual hits ingame or roleplay hit. 

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Connection Logs:


19:13:12 | Player "Damek Novaki" is connected
20:11:36 | Player "Damek Novaki" has been disconnected

19:03:13 | Player "Maxim Petrov" is connected
20:11:36 | Player "Maxim Petrov" has been disconnected

19:12:42 | Player "Radzig Kobyla" is connected
20:11:36 | Player "Radzig Kobyla" has been disconnected

17:43:48 | Player "Sergei Krovo" is connected
- Dead -
20:11:36 | Player "Sergei Krovo" has been disconnected

Hit Logs:


19:16:29 | Player "Sergei Krovo" hit by drp_Scar_H
19:24:18 | Player "Sergei Krovo" hit by Player "Maxim Petrov"  into RightHand(47) for 7 damage (MeleeFist_Heavy)
19:25:10 | Player "Sergei Krovo" hit by Player "Maxim Petrov"  into Torso(45) for 4.725 damage (MeleeFist_Heavy)
19:25:11 | Player "Sergei Krovo" hit by Player "Maxim Petrov"  into Torso(45) for 4.725 damage (MeleeFist_Heavy)
19:29:43 | Player "Sergei Krovo" hit by Player "Maxim Petrov"  into Torso(36) for 2.7 damage (MeleeFist)
19:29:45 | Player "Sergei Krovo" hit by Player "Maxim Petrov"  into Torso(23) for 2.7 damage (MeleeFist)
19:29:47 | Player "Sergei Krovo" hit by Player "Maxim Petrov"  into Brain(37) for 0 damage (MeleeFist)
19:34:46 | Player "Sergei Krovo" hit by Player "Maxim Petrov" with USP45-Match from 1.04915 meters 
19:40:42 | Player "Sergei Krovo" hit by Player "Maxim Petrov" with Brass Knuckles
19:40:42 | Player "Sergei Krovo" hit by Player "Maxim Petrov" with Brass Knuckles
19:40:43 | Player "Sergei Krovo" hit by Player "Maxim Petrov" with Brass Knuckles
19:40:43 | Player "Sergei Krovo" hit by is unconscious
19:40:44 | Player "Sergei Krovo" hit by Player "Maxim Petrov" with Brass Knuckles
19:40:44 | Player "Sergei Krovo" hit by Player "Maxim Petrov" with Brass Knuckles
19:40:45 | Player "Sergei Krovo" hit by Player "Maxim Petrov" with Brass Knuckles
19:40:46 | Player "Sergei Krovo" hit by Player "Maxim Petrov" with Brass Knuckles
19:40:47 | Player "Sergei Krovo" hit by Player "Maxim Petrov" with Brass Knuckles
19:40:47 | Player "Sergei Krovo" hit by Player "Maxim Petrov" with Brass Knuckles
19:41:01 | Player "Sergei Krovo" hit by Player "Damek Novaki" with FN SCAR-H STD from 1.03119 meters 
19:41:01 | Player "Sergei Krovo" hit by Player "Damek Novaki" with FN SCAR-H STD from 1.03119 meters 
19:41:06 | Player "Sergei Krovo" hit by Player "Radzig Kobyla" with Nambu Type 14 from 1.48567 meters 
19:41:06 | Player "Sergei Krovo" hit by Player "Radzig Kobyla" with Nambu Type 14 from 1.48567 meters 

Kill Logs:


19:40:47 | Player "Sergei Krovo" (DEAD) killed by Player "Maxim Petrov" with Brass Knuckles

Chat Logs:


19:15:36 | Chat("Maxim Petrov"): *searches him for a radio and guns, take them if he has them*
19:23:39 | Chat("Sergei Krovo"): /you've legit got the wrong character
19:23:50 | Chat("Sergei Krovo"): /person who robbed sparo was maxim
19:23:53 | Chat("Damek Novaki"): //this is all ic knowledge, stop ooc.
19:23:57 | Chat("Damek Novaki"): //we dont care oocily
19:24:01 | Chat("Sergei Krovo"): /wrong person then
19:24:02 | Chat("Damek Novaki"): //icly*
19:24:12 | Chat("Damek Novaki"): //we're not spero
19:26:08 | Chat("Sergei Krovo"): /pretend i have cherno accent as I have bad accent
19:26:15 | Chat("Maxim Petrov"): //We will, stop ooc
19:31:08 | Chat("Maxim Petrov"): *fakes to hit him but stops right infront of his face*
19:32:01 | Chat("Maxim Petrov"): *searches for the badge*
19:32:09 | Chat("Maxim Petrov"): *takes it if he has one*
19:32:09 | Chat("Sergei Krovo"): /finds police badge
19:32:14 | Chat("Maxim Petrov"): *hands it to damek*
19:32:39 | Chat("Radzig Kobyla"): *examines the badge with police knowledge* // is it real?
19:32:46 | Chat("Sergei Krovo"): /yes its real
19:33:01 | Chat("Radzig Kobyla"): // which branch of police is it?
19:33:06 | Chat("Sergei Krovo"): /orel
19:33:44 | Chat("Radzig Kobyla"): *Throws the mans badge by his feet*
19:34:29 | Chat("Maxim Petrov"): *Pushes the barrel of the pistol against his head*
19:35:18 | Chat("Radzig Kobyla"): *picks up passport and examines it* // what does it say?
19:35:32 | Chat("Sergei Krovo"): /ME SAYS BORN IN NOVIGRAD CHERNO
19:36:33 | Chat("Radzig Kobyla"): *examines the passport further* // what would be the name on the passport?
19:36:47 | Chat("Sergei Krovo"): /SERGEI KOVO
19:38:10 | Chat("Radzig Kobyla"): *finishes looking through the passport and throws it on the floor*
19:38:26 | Chat("Sergei Krovo"): //i have speech issues
19:38:31 | Chat("Maxim Petrov"): //man stop ooc
19:38:42 | Chat("Sergei Krovo"): // IM FUCKING TELLING YOU
19:38:48 | Chat("Sergei Krovo"): // IM DONE WITH THIS RP
19:38:56 | Chat("Sergei Krovo"): / KILL ME OR STOP BEIGN ADICK
19:40:37 | Chat("Sergei Krovo"): /me spits in face
19:41:36 | Chat("Maxim Petrov"): *begins to hit his face with the brass knuckles*
19:42:18 | Chat("Radzig Kobyla"): *SLAPS dead mans face*
19:42:39 | Chat("Maxim Petrov"): *offers his bloody hand for a shake*

Calling in the following people to post their Point of Views & any video evidence they may have:
@SynO | Damek Novaki | OP
@LEGENDARY-_-GOD | Sergei Krovo | POSTED
@Jackfish | Maxim Petrov | POSTED
@Nonplayer | Radzig Kobyla | POSTED

Only people called in should be posting their POV's

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  • Event Master

Maxim Petrov's POV:

So we had multible people giving us intel about a Russian, special forces, police officer in Novaya and we decided to take the man and give him some 10/10 hostile RP. Our spies @Franny and @MrDolly talked to him outside of the PD while my Chernarussian bratri set up around the PD. @SynO took the best moment to walk with his dogs so we had to wait 15/20 minutes untill his ass returned to the battlefield and we could actually start the mission.

We rushed to the PD aiming our weapons at the Russian man and told him to put his hands up. He complied and we decided to walk to the forest. I said: "Russian man, what is your name?" I heard to reply so I thought my mic wasn't working. I repeated myself "Hey Russian, what is your name?" He then said in the most emotionless voice "Im not Russian". I told him that he was Russian if I called him that and that he had to answer to me. He said "Im not Russian so I wont say my name." I told him I would kill him if he didn't give me his name which he replied to with: "Then just shoot me." Because I didn't want to be a dirty ruleplayer I decided to not shoot him and tell him he would get hurt if he kept up the attitude. Im sure I told him to not insult or backtalk bratri again or I would shoot him. I told him this a couple times.

A couple minutes later we arrived at the place we would interrogate him. @SynO, @Nonplayer, @Franny and I started to talk to him. His hostage RP was boring and nothing special. He didn't reply to punches, he didn't have any emotion in his voice and he kept going //OOC claiming we had the wrong character. After we killed him we checked his active character and saw that he was playing on his Russian soldier character, meaning he was lying in //OOC chat to get away from the situation. 

At the end of the situation I told him he was going to get executed and I wanted to ask him for PK rights. Before I could do that he spat in my face. I told him multible times to not insult or backtalk me or he would die, yet he spat in my face. Maxim Petrov took the brass knuckles out of his pocket and put them around his fist. He then beat the Russian man to death.

End of POV 

Edited by Jackfish
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No defence for this so not gonna post POV, I find it very hard to play this server when I get constantly attacked/killed, I find it hard to process emotion as it is in irl so find if difficult to do this in a game too, I will say this they did have the wrong man for “messing with his allies” that was Maxim Bale, loyal Russian, I’m Sergei Kovo, ex Russian really, I did find it hard to hear you people that’s why I asked you to repeat things as I am alittle hard of hearing, but you refused to repeat yourselves which is fine, I’m done with this server as I realise this is the same issues I had last time 4 years ago on this server, big groups go round doing stuff so I die each time I meet one, because I’m alone, I’ve made a request for my money back after I paid for credits so I won’t be returning again, this roleplay made someone quit.


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  • MVP
9 minutes ago, LEGENDARY-_-GOD said:

- snip -

Greetings @LEGENDARY-_-GOD,

We understand your frustrations with the situation, but we do still require a full POV from you in this report. As of right now you are temporary banned from the server until you provide this. To solve this report properly, we require all involved people to post what happened in the situation, including you.

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was stood at PD talking to two people, got ambushed by +5 telling me to put hands up and drop weapons and radio, was told to follow them, they asked me lots of questions as I followed them into the woods, was interrogated in a caravan thing, questioned about my characters past, my character tried to lie and say he was just from cherno as simple cop, I had all the documents to “validate” the authenticity but didn’t work, I was told that I was the one that robbed spero (wasn’t my character) I was fed up with this RP as I’m always picked on as I’m alone, I had enough and wanted them to end my characters life, when he said he would I spat on him so he’d kill me , I respawned and circled all the way around cherno basically to get back to my station and avoid them, when I got there everyone was outside stealing my stuff, I tried to say “I was attacked and left for dead” but they said “wasn’t that the guy I just beat to death?” I tried to just pack up my things and leave but I couldn’t because they were actively taking my stuff infront of me, I told them to stop and leave and they didn’t, I said this two/three time before pulling a gun out and shooting the person taking my stuff, I was then killed being kicked off the server too. 

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  • Emerald

Was running around Chernarus when everyone was radioed in that there is a special forces Russian police officer man in Novaya Petrovka. We run there and set up position, then @SynO goes to walk his dogs for 15 mins. After that we are given an order to take him. We go, I run up first initiate and we take his weapons and bring him to a trailer in the forest. While in trailer we interrogate him but he's acting fearless. So we RP with him check few documents, the Badge, passport. And between that time he starts typing oocly about a lot of things so we tell him to stop ooc. He was asked why he is stuttering ic'ly then he got pissed and started to ooc say the rp is over and all that. After that he got killed by the brass knuckles.

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  • Legend
2 hours ago, LEGENDARY-_-GOD said:

- Sniped -

Thank you for posting your pov, your temp ban has now been lifted please keep an eye on this report, in case we need to ask you further questions.

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  • Legend

Accused permed from community, sorry for inconvenience

/report closed

signed by: @Inferno @Bryan

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