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To all people of Chenarus


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A click can be heard as Hector pushes down the transmit button of his radio.


“I’ve heard quite a few voices talking on the radio, talking, but not saying very much at all, because it seems that they don’t know wat they’re talking bout. They’ve said they’re hunting for da Cartel, and they’ve come to harm my Familia, but for those who seem so hell-bent on catching the Cartel, they don’t even seem to know wat they’re f@#Kin looking for.”


There’s a pause in which there is only static on the frequency.


“So I’ll tell you - I’ll tell everyone - what it is you’ve been looking for. I am Cartel. My cousins, who arrived here over the last year, are Cartel. It is in our blood, it is in our veins, and if you want da Cartel, you have found it. But I will also tell you tha my Familia is here, familia not forged of blood, but of bonds tha were made through da experiences we’ve shared over da last months - through da pain, da losses, through the small joys and triumphs, together, we became a Familia. They are not Cartel, and I would not ever want them to be, because that is a part of my life tha has come with a price, a price tha I would never want them to pay. So yes, you have finally found what you were hunting for. You have found your Cartel, and I am speaking to you now, on behalf of da Del Toros.”


“Now tha I have told you what I am, and where to find what it is you are after, I want to know what it is tha you truly are, and I want da whole of dis country to know it. From what I have seen it is you, da supposed protectors of this place, who are sowing anarchy amongst its population. It was all of those who were left behind - merchants and farmers, doctors and factory workers, everyone who has called dis Oblast their homes - who have held on to da last threads of civilization and woven them back together. You have returned to our towns and villages and invaded our homes and businesses, still outfitted for war, and kicked down the doors of bedrooms and storerooms, leaving devastation in your wake. You, the Chernarussian Liberation Force, have lost sight of where da war ends and reconstruction must begin - you have made enemies of your own allies, those who have served beside you and those who stayed behind da front lines, keeping the Oblast alive.”


“So I will give you what you want - but only for a while. I am Cartel, and I will be leaving this country to find out where the rest of the Cartel may be and for wat purpose they have come. I will say this to all who can hear this frequency: to any of my Cousins who are Cartel who are in this country, leave with me, at my side, to find these answers … or face da consequences of disobeying dis order, and betraying da Cartel.” 


“I do not know how long it will take to find my answers, but I assure you, when I return to dis place - da place my wife has made her new homeland, da place my family has sunk roots into, da place in which we are but one small piece of a thriving community - I will know wat has transpired here. Wat I learn on that day will determine if you will meet da Patriarch of a family who tends to a donation center and volunteer clinic or da son of Victor Del Toro, heir to da full might of da Del Toro Cartel.” 


There is a short pause in which the background hum of interference sounds overwhelming in its near-silence.


“A mis amigos y aliados espera mi llamado para soportar tu nuestra gente.”



//Translation: My friends and allies await my call to support our people.


The frequency does, in fact, go silent.

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*Baron Brook Cox starts transmitting as tarp music can be heard in the background*

Ey man that's cool and all but if any of your gang need transport out of Cornarus we offer transporting services for the right price. We can sell you a few good set of wheels so you can drive off into the sunset. Also if you leaving towards Takistan we have a representative there, Muhamed Al Asar, which has a lot of BMWs we exported out of Cornarus so you can also buy some nice drifting machines from there if you are in need.

I do want to mention that we are not responsible for any nail bombs found in the BMWs from Takistan.

Anyway man, good luck in your travels, make sure to stop by Novaya and get your car, I wouldn't be walking out of Cornarus if I were you.

Hey, Frenchie man, what are...

*A shovel hitting a head is heard before the transmission going static*

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