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[Chernarus] Putrification post-poned

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*The speaker is heard picking up the microphone from the CB Radio, shattered glass sounds to be on the ground being stepped on by the speaker*


[It was God's will, to have me one more day on this Earth, I was craving for a sign and so He gave me one]

[I was found by a group at my deathbed, dehydrated and starving, they saved my life]

[They told me they were setup in Berezino, and as such I followed them to their base]

[But as my mother used to tell me when my dad beat us, we can only look to the sky and wish for Heaven, never touch it. So I don't think I will stay for long untouched]

[For now, I keep watch]

[22B 48 49]


*There are faint voices in the background, and a door opening sound and so the transmission ends, this transmission wouldn't be repeated*

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