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What's the status of getting status updates?


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I don't know the full procedure of things. But I was never permed and had been put on final way back in 2017 and got off it also in 2017. That is four years ago when I was on final.


I don't have status updates for some reason, but an individual @groovy dingo has his status updates back from being permed.


I am assuming he is on amnesty or something and on final, but he has status updates. Why does he have them and myself and others do not?


EDIT: @Inferno I'm assuming the full points were appealed then. Makes sense thank you

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Status updates are removed when someone was put on final and from amnesty. If a person still has their status updates that most likely means that they are neither on amnesty or on final.

Edit: @Dan You are always completely free to ask the individual yourself instead of assuming. 9 times out of 10 assuming things only gives you the wrong information.

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To reiterate what Inferno said:

Do you have

A: Final warning?
B: Returned from Amnesty, and as such have a final warning?

No status updates.

But if you've appealed a ban that was applied and returned you still keep your status updates. However this does not mean that you got away with it without being punished. It only means final warning and/or Amnesty was not used in this particular case.

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