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Unattended Roadblock


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Server and location: Chernarus 1

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 10:00 EST

Your in game name: Woody

Names of allies involved: None

Name of suspect/s: Volley Ball Net

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any):  Green Sarka

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot):  

Detailed description of the events: 

I was doing a standard morning drive up to Turovo, and along the route I take several times a day I drove into a Volleyball net that was placed across the road.  In the replay it looks obvious but taking into account the human factors and not expecting it while driving I hit it gently at the last second.


Reason for reporting:

Although help desk said that because it was a secondary road, that the net would could be considered permissible. I would like to challenge that logic to determine what would be classified as a secondary road.

Expected Outcome:

Not looking to have someone Pointed / Banned (Entirely up to staff). 

Just looking for what is the precedence for objects on roadways.





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You decided to make a U-turn to go down the same way you could have if you just followed the main road? Ok... no real damages, no rule breaks, no need for a report. 


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