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The fall of a giant

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In all my years hunting in the woods... moose, deer, wolf, mountain lion, elk.. never did i find myself face to face with the king.

It was another usual day in this hell, wake up, make sure everything is loaded.. and head into the woods to check the baits I laid out to attract the wildlife... then i heard it... it echoed through the hills, a bear... I kept a eye out at the bottom of the hill and I saw it emerge from the brush...

damn thing was at least 7 maybe even 8 feet, at a guess I say about 800-900 pounds, you would never think a creature like that would exist... the ultimate king of the woods...

within just a few seconds of seeing it... it charged me.. damn thing is faster than wolves when it builds up.... I was able to get one shot in its shoulder and roll out the way, tumbled down the hill like a rock and struck a tree at the bottom, think I broke 2 ribs on impact... before I could catch my breathe I saw it again running.. with a limp though so not that fast, I shot another round and got it in the side, must have hit a lung as it let out a pain blood curling roar... just as I reloaded it was face to face with me... it stood up on its back legs.... then I pulled the trigger and it fell....

at least I'm eating well tonight... but damn it was a rush... I just knew either I was going to die or he was... and I'm not ready to fall just yet.

I harvested it... hide and meat and returned back to wear I'm now calling home... a patched up old tent and a shelter made from sticks... if I had some nails maybe I could build some walls to keep the infected bastards away... may have to head to a nearby town... maybe find some asprin to take the pain off these damn ribs... still though its nothing compared to what those wolves done so long ago... taking my ability to speak... damn muts... well I can smell the campfire so food should be ready... until my next journal entry... if I make it to the next one.

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