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[Chernarus] Hello from Cordis Aido


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Mary leans her back against a tree, overlooking the town below her, smiling to herself as she watches the men playfully bicker amongst themselves. She fiddles with the radio in her hands, debating her words carefully, before taking a sharp inhale as she raises the device to her mouth...

"Good Afternoon to anyone who may be listening. My name is Mary Davis, and I'd like to take a moment of your time, if you'll permit me to. I spearhead, alongside my partner, a group that has donned the name Cordis Aido. We've established a small, pop-up clinic, and we're looking for people with a specific skillset to help us staff it. This is an open call for anyone with any degree of medical background. Anyone with an interest in helping the people of South Zagoria. I'd like to speak with you. You can reach me, or any of my people, on frequency 89.9 . Good bye for now, and please, stay safe out there."

The woman releases the push to talk and replaces her radio within her bag. She brushes dirt and the debris of leaves from her clothing as she heads back into town, to her people.

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