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Thomas Neill Cream | 5 day ban | Bad rp | Appeal

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Link to the source of punishment (report/post): 



After attempting to get the correct character model, @Ron respawns in Zelenogorsk. While looting houses, @Drake880 comes up on her and demands that she drops all of her clothing, to which Ron refuses. Drake880 then says he is starving to which Ron drops him two apples, and Drake880 runs out of the house insisting he doesn't want to see her again.

BadRP | The duration of the interaction, as well as the demand for your hostage to remove all of their clothing is the main reason for this outcome, @Drake880.

Firstly, it is prohibited to demand your hostage to strip all of their clothes, for the simple reason that it doesn't make sense, and may create scenarios where the party being robbed may feel uncomfortable. If you wish to see what people have in their inventory, you can tie them up or pat them down looking for specific things, such as in this case, you could have emoted something along the lines of "*Pats down for food.* //do I find any?" at which point, you could demand the hostage drop all of their food. Alternatively, you can simply tie them up to check their inventory. 

The duration of the overall situation is also a problem here. It seems to last no more than a minute, a minute and a half at most. This is not an acceptable duration for a robbery where the conclusion is "I don't wanna see you again." It is expected that when you engage in a hostile action with another player, you provide them with good roleplay. Duration does not always equate to quality, however this situation was far too short. Instead of taking Ron's food and running away, what you could have done instead was talk to her. Engage in a conversation, questioning, and so on. Simply robbing Ron for her food then running away as soon as you got what you wanted is not acceptable, it is expected that you at least engage with the hostage before you leave.

Lastly we'd like to address something which you brought up in one of your replies. Being a fresh spawn does not remove the requirement for you to roleplay. Just because you are a fresh spawn and "want to get it over with" doesn't give you justification to do robberies such as this one. When you are on the server, you are always in character, you are always expected to be providing good quality roleplay, whether as a fresh spawn or as a fully geared player.



Why the verdict is not fair: For my character to stay at the scene for a long period of time would be suicide, Zelenogorsk is a hotspot for anyone down south looking for supplies, people or other things. To stay at the robbery for longer than a minute would expose my character to being killed by people trying to save the victim. 

Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: When I robbed the victim I knew where I was, I was in Zeleno. A hotspot for anyone down south, I was looking for food and saw the victim alone in a house, I knew if I stayed too long I would've been in danger due to the fact of not knowing if she had friends, if there were anyone else in the town, or if she was talking to people on her radio the whole time. I had no rope to tie her up with so I just yelled "drop all your clothes without thinking, I completely agree that I was in the wrong for that. My character throughout the robbery was showing that he was desperate for food and wanted to do no harm, after she disobeyed my command to drop her clothes I did not attack, I did not insult her further. I simply said "I am starving", she understood and dropped the food. Knowing that she had no armband or any signs of affiliations with anyone I decided there were no questions to be asked, also back to the thought of her having friends, there being more people in the town, or her talking on the radio all went into my mind. So I ran, my character had no reason to stay and interrogate or ask for anything more.

What would you like to achieve with this appeal: I believe five days for what I did is unnecessary, I completely agree that me demanding her to drop all of her clothes is complete bad rp, but as I stated above I believe leaving in less than a minute was justified, three days off the ban possibly two.  

What could you have done better?: For starters I shouldn't have immediately went for hostilities, I should've talked to the victim and decided what to do through roleplay. Secondly I should've never demanded for the victim to take off all of her clothes, obviously its terrible rp and I have learned from it, instead I should've made it clear from the very start that I was starving and needed food. Lastly I believe I should've stayed for longer than I have, I truly believed that people were in the town, or she had friends and wanted to stay for the shortest amount of time possible. But that does not exclude the rp factor, I should've asked short questions while she was going through her bag or even apologize, It shouldn't have only took me thirty seconds to do the robbery.

I am truly sorry if I ruined your rp experience because of my actions, I have learned from this and will strive to fix my mistakes, thanks. 

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Greetings @Drake880,

A separate team of staff have reviewed this and have chosen to Deny it. There are many ways this situation could have been played out better. We understand that your character was hungry and that he is the rather anxious type that does not like to stick around for too long, but that is not an excuse to rush a situation like this and provide bad roleplay. If Zelenogorsk is such a dangerous place for your character to start a hostile situation, then why start it at all? As you state in your appeal yourself, you could have not immediately go down the hostile route. When you decide to do go down the hostile route, you have to make sure that you provide proper roleplay. Asking someone to strip of their clothes, get the food you need and instantly leave after, is not proving that. Generally speaking asking a hostage to ''drop all your things and clothing'' is a clear example of how to not go about a hostile situation. Next time, make sure to put more effort into the roleplay that you provide in situations like this.

With that being said,

//Appeal Denied - Ban and points remain.

Signed: @Basko, @Dingle and @Bryan.

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