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Mod: Junk Yard Dog


Mod: Junkyarddog  

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  • Sapphire




I came across this mod and thought it would be a good addition to the server, it will being more realism to the server, people can get gas from other cars, and parts, just like in real life. just wonder what you all think


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  • Sapphire

I believe I suggested this in the past, But I don't how the community favored on it since it was such a long time ago. +1 It's a very interesting mod.

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  • Sapphire

Don’t get met wrong it would be a good way to get car parts but it could be abused and could just get a bit to easy

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  • Titanium

I'm on the fence. I'm personally tired of people hoarding cars and car parts and me walking aimlessly around trying to find my own, so in that case +1. On the other hand it's not realistic because there is no specific "Gunther" or "UAZ" parts and therefore is fucking dumb to find them on every car, so in that case -1.

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  • Sapphire

I still like this Idea, would really make for some good RP

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